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Tanoto Foundation Supports Stroke Support Station’s Caregiver-Focused Programme

SINGAPORE – Media OutReach – 3 November 2021 – Independent philanthropy organisation Tanoto Foundation is supporting Stroke Support Station (S3) in developing a programme to further engage and empower stroke family caregivers in the rehabilitation and reintegration journeys of their loved ones.

Currently, S3 provides caregivers with information or assistance regarding stroke resources and referrals to the appropriate agencies. It also provides care management and counselling for stroke survivors and caregivers facing financial stresses, grief and loss, as well as subsidies so they still get access to rehabilitation services. The expanded programme will focus on the family members of stroke patients and help them to overcome mental and physical challenges of caring for their loved ones.


Ms Belinda Tanoto, member of the Board of Trustees at Tanoto Foundation, which was founded by Sukanto Tanoto and his wife Tinah Bingei Tanoto in 1981, said: “A quality health span matters for all families and communities, and this is something we hold close to our hearts as we support research and partnerships through our medical philanthropy work. Because we recognise that many caregivers of stroke survivors are family members, we are now exploring with our friends at S3 family-centred solutions and programmes to empower these caregivers and promote family harmony and filial piety.”


While people tend to associate stroke with the elderly, according to the Singapore Stroke Registry Report, there has been a significant increase in stroke incidences in the age groups of 15-29 and 40-49.


As most strokes occur suddenly, stroke survivors are left with a sudden loss of ability to perform certain tasks such as walking to the bathroom or getting dressed, and need a lot of physical assistance for support. They also have to deal with their grief over their loss of function, confidence and independence.

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With an aim to improve the quality of life, Tanoto Foundation supported S3 as a pioneer donor in 2015. Launched in 2016, S3 is Singapore’s first dedicated wellness centre which helps patients recover psychosocially and emotionally, while providing social-emotional support to caregivers. It has programmes and activities to help stroke survivors regain mobility and acquire stress relief techniques. It also provides caregivers with sharing and group counselling sessions.

Tanoto Foundation has operations in Indonesia, China and Singapore. Part of its human capital development work also includes medical philanthropy and healthcare advocacy. It supports medical research in diseases prevalent in Asia as well as research in early childhood development and maternal health.


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