People don’t read papers anymore… They do, in the millions actually. Techcabal, a leading voice in the African tech ecosystem, has achieved a significant milestone by crossing one million monthly web users in October. This is the largest audience size in its ten-year history. The platform has seen exponential growth in 2023, tripling its number of readers from 390,000 in January.

TechCabal’s Journey to Success

Since its launch in 2013, TechCabal has been committed to telling the most audacious stories across the African tech ecosystem. “For over ten years now, we’ve been dedicated to chronicling the business and impact of tech in Africa, the players, the markets, the ingenuity, and the challenges,” said Tomiwa Aladekomo, CEO of Big Cabal Media.

This year, TechCabal broke some of the biggest stories across tech and business and was awarded for them. They have expanded their coverage of certain regions like East and Francophone Africa, and have reported key stories across various markets in Africa.

The Vision for Techspace Africa

At Techspace Africa, we are inspired by TechCabal’s success and aim to make our platform as big if not bigger. As the fastest-growing independent online magazine in only 2 years, Techspace Africa has grown into a trustworthy platform for daily in-depth tech news.

We believe that with a clear strategy, dedication, and commitment to quality journalism, we can achieve similar milestones and increase our coverage across Africa and beyond, and so can other aspiring tech content platforms.

We are confident that with our passion for technology and commitment to providing our readers with insightful content, we will also grow to make a significant impact on the African tech ecosystem.

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TechCabal’s achievement is a testament to the growing interest in African tech news. It is motisha for anyone who has been giving up on starting a blog. Here at Techspace Africa, we are motivated by this milestone and are committed to providing our readers with high-quality content that keeps them informed about the latest developments in the tech world.

Stay tuned for more exciting updates from us as we continue on this journey!

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