The landscape of African venture capital has shifted, with Techstars emerging as the most active investor on the continent in 2023, dethroning two-year reigning champion Launch Africa. This significant change, captured by data from Africa: The Big Deal, a platform tracking startup deals, marks a new chapter in the burgeoning African tech ecosystem.

Numbers Telling the Story:

  • Techstars reigns supreme: With 56 deals made across Africa in 2023, Techstars secured the top spot, leaving Launch Africa behind with 19 deals.
  • Launch Africa’s reign ends: After claiming the number one position for two consecutive years, Launch Africa’s deal count dropped significantly in 2023.
  • Other key players: Founders Factory Africa, Ventures Platform, and Catalyst Fund joined the ranks of prominent investors, showcasing the growing diversity of the African VC landscape.

Regional Focus:

The data also reveals interesting insights into geographical trends:

  • Kenyan startups lead the pack: East Africa, dominated by Kenya, emerged as the region with the most funded startups. Kenya’s share of deals in East Africa climbed from 86% in 2022 to a staggering 91% in 2023, solidifying its regional dominance.
  • Egypt, South Africa, and Nigeria follow suit: These countries also attracted significant investor attention, demonstrating the potential of various African markets.

What’s Driving the Shift?

Several factors might be contributing to Techstars’ ascent and Launch Africa’s decline:

  • Techstars’ global network and experience: With a vast network of mentors and investors, Techstars might be strategically leveraging its global reach to identify and support promising African startups.
  • Launch Africa’s shift in focus: Launch Africa could be adopting a more selective approach, focusing on fewer, higher-potential ventures.
  • Evolving investor landscape: The increasing diversity of venture capital players in Africa indicates a maturing ecosystem, offering startups a wider range of funding options.
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Implications for the Future:

Techstars’ leadership position signifies a potential shift in the African VC landscape. This could lead to:

  • Increased competition: More investors vying for deals could benefit startups by potentially driving up valuations and offering them more options.
  • Greater geographical diversification: Investors might venture beyond established hubs like Kenya to explore promising startups in other African countries.
  • Focus on specific sectors: As the VC landscape matures, investors might become more specialized, focusing on specific sectors with high growth potential.


The changing of the guard in African venture capital marks a pivotal moment for the continent’s tech ecosystem. With Techstars at the helm and other key players actively involved, the future of African startups looks bright. Increased competition, geographical diversification, and sector-specific focus are just some of the exciting possibilities that lie ahead. As the African tech scene continues to evolve, one thing is certain: the continent holds immense potential, and investors are taking notice.

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