Christmas is tomorrow and in the festive spirit, Telegram has rolled out one last update for 2020. The update brings Voice Chats to its Android and iOS-based apps.

The new voice chat feature will run parallel to text chats in a group and will enable people in a group to communicate actively and more seamlessly by adding a live layer of ephemeral talk to the group.

Telegram says that groups with active voice chats will have a special bar at the top that will show who is talking and even measure and show how loud they are.

After joining a voice chat, Telegram users will be able to freely continue using the app. The company says once users have joined a voice chat, they stay connected to the chat and the microphone controls remain on screen so that you can quickly mute and unmute yourself at any time.

On Android, users can use this feature with a system-wide floating widget that shows users’ mic controls and who is currently talking, even when Telegram is in the background.

Telegram gets Voice Chats.

According to Telegram, the voice chats accommodate a few thousand participants at once.

In addition, Telegram has also released a push-to-talk shortcut on Telegram Desktop and in the native macOS app. Telegram says that you can choose a push-to-talk key for Voice Chats to control the mic even when Telegram is in the background.


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