gaming, a leading platform for gaming data, has recently conducted an extensive study on the most popular gaming consoles and video games across the globe. The study is based on Google search data from the past 12 months, providing a comprehensive snapshot of global gaming trends.

Most Popular Gaming Consoles

The PlayStation 5 (PS5) has emerged as the reigning champion in the console market, being the most Googled gaming console in 81 countries worldwide. The Nintendo Switch follows closely behind, securing the second spot with dominance in 70 countries. The PlayStation 4 (PS4) takes the third spot, followed by the Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S.

Most Popular Video Games

When it comes to video games, Hogwarts Legacy has captured the hearts of gamers around the world. It was not only the most searched game in the USA but also topped the list in 88 countries worldwide. Resident Evil 4 secured the second spot, being the most Googled game in 32 countries. Other popular games included FIFA 24Atomic HeartSpiderman 2Diablo 4, and Pizza Tower.

EA FC Sports 24 vs FIFA 24

In an interesting twist following the split between FIFA and EA Sports, Futbin also compared the search popularity of EA FC Sports 24 and FIFA 24. Despite the change, FIFA 24 still holds a significant lead over EA FC Sports 24 in terms of search volume over the past year. In the USA alone, FIFA 24 garnered an estimated 49,500 monthly searches compared to EA FC Sports’ average of just 12,100 searches in the same period. Similar trends were observed in Germany, France, United Kingdom, and Brazil.

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This comprehensive study provides valuable insights into global gaming trends and preferences. It’s clear that despite new entrants and changes in the gaming landscape, some names continue to hold their ground.

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