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Announced alongside the iPhone 12 series, in the land of tech giants, a small hero emerged, the iPhone Mini, it was a device that dared to defy the “bigger is better” mantra. But alas, our compact companion has met its untimely end just after two iterations. While Apple continued selling the iPhone 13 mini alongside the 14 series, the mini-series has now been officially discontinued with the announcement of the iPhone 15 and iPhone 15 Pro.

A Mini Tale of Maxi Impact

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The iPhone Mini was no ordinary smartphone. It was a statement, a rebellion against the trend of ever-expanding screens. (YES, 6.7 is too large, I said it!) It was for those who dared to be different, who valued convenience over screen real estate. But as we all know, even the mightiest of heroes have their kryptonite. For the Mini, it was all of you, it was the market’s insatiable appetite for larger displays.

The Mini tried to hold its own in a world dominated by its bigger brethren. But it seems size does matter after all. The market trends were clear – people wanted more screen, more battery, and more phone. The Mini, with its compact form factor and smaller battery, struggled to keep up.

The Last Call

iPhone mini is going away soon, what's next? - 9to5Mac

Courtesy – 9to5Mac

So here we are, bidding adieu to our pint-sized pal. The iPhone Mini may be gone, but it won’t be forgotten. It stood as a testament to Apple’s willingness to buck trends and cater to niche markets. And who knows? Maybe one day, when the world is tired of oversized phones, we’ll see the return of the mighty Mini.

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But remember, in the world of technology, no goodbyes are final. Who knows? The next big thing might just be… mini…


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