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The Malaysia Healthcare Travel Council: Malaysia’s Exponential Growth In Successful Pregnancies

Continuous investment in advanced medical technologies and highly skilled individualised care adds value to the efficacy of IVF treatment in Malaysia.

KUALA LUMPUR, MALAYSIA – Media OutReach – 28 September 2022 – A popular healthcare destination, Malaysia has been making inroads as the Fertility Hub of Asia. With the abolishment of China’s one-child policy a few years back, millions of healthcare travellers from the country have also since made Malaysia their choice destination[1] for fertility treatments.

One of the reasons for Malaysia’s popularity is its high clinical pregnancy success rate in middle-aged women, who are able, healthy, and yearning for children. Through frozen embryo transfers with pre-implantation genetic testing (PGT), some of the fertility centres in Malaysia have achieved successful rates as high as 84% for couples below the age of 40 and 68% for couples above the age of 40.

Among the fertility centres that are taking the reins in increasing pregnancy success rates in the country are TMC Fertility & Women’s Specialist Centre (TMC), Alpha IVF & Women’s Specialists (Alpha), Sunway Fertility Centre (Sunway), and Sunfert International Fertility Centre (Sunfert).

TMC’s innovative Fertility GeneCode and My GeneCode offerings herald a new era in fertility treatment, increasing the efficacy of successful healthy pregnancy for its patients.

“Ultimately, the screening technologies can be a great tool for specialists to ensure that the medication used for a couple’s fertility treatment works well, allowing us to avoid any rare side effects while also excluding medications that may not react well for certain individuals. This way, we can discover from the data why previous treatments did not work, so that we can construct a personalised treatment plan for each patient, improving the effectiveness of IVF procedures,” said Dr. Chong Kuoh Ren, TMC’s Consultant Obstetrician & Gynaecologist and Fertility Specialist .

Also at the frontier of groundbreaking fertility treatment techniques is Alpha, which welcomed South-East Asia’s first healthy live birth in 2021[2] using a new generation artificial intelligence (AI)-enhanced viable embryo selection and transfer application.

“The Life Whisperer Genetics algorithm can predict if an embryo is genetically normal, or ‘euploid’. This can improve clinical outcomes for a viable pregnancy and delivery of a healthy baby,” explained Adelle Lim, the centre’s Chief Embryologist[3].

According to Dr. Ashley Chung Soo Bee, Sunway’s Consultant Obstetrician, Gynaecologist, and Fertility Medicine Specialist, couples concerned about advanced maternal ages can choose from a variety of screening solutions, such as pre-implantation genetic testing for aneuploidy (PGT-A), to maximise the chances of a healthy pregnancy.

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“PGT-A can increase pregnancy rates, reduce miscarriage risks, lower risks of chromosomal anomalies, and allow chromosomally normal embryos to be transferred to the womb or frozen for future use,” she added.

Highlighting patient-centred fertility care, Sunfert’s Medical Director and Fertility Specialist, Dr. Lim Lei Jun, communicates the need to be open and honest with patients and help them understand that there is no one-size-fits-all treatment when it comes to attaining a successful healthy pregnancy. “Having good doctor-patient interaction and the readiness to thoroughly assess their history can go a long way. This way we can effectively tailor fertility treatments to each patient and address their unique issues with an optimal treatment plan,” she said.

As Asia’s Fertility Hub, Malaysia is constantly stepping up its efforts by integrating a unique blend of innovative technologies and world-class expertise with human touch, ultimately ‘Giving Hope To Dreams’ of aspiring parents.

“Healthcare travellers can benefit from a plethora of modern fertility treatments and, most notably, patient-focused fertility care. Every miracle begins with hope, and Malaysia Healthcare is at the heart of it. Come and experience Malaysia Healthcare and let us help you to realise your dreams of expanding your family,” said Mohd Daud Mohd Arif, Chief Executive Officer of the Malaysia Healthcare Travel Council (MHTC).

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About The Malaysia Healthcare Travel Council

The Malaysia Healthcare Travel Council (MHTC) is a government agency that has been entrusted with the responsibility of curating the country’s healthcare travel scene. Founded in 2009, MHTC works to streamline industry players and service providers in facilitating and growing Malaysia’s healthcare travel industry under the brand “Malaysia Healthcare” with the intended goal of making Malaysia the leading global healthcare destination.

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