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Manufacturers took their sweet time upgrading their devices to Android 12, so much that Google has released the Android 13 for development while most people have not experienced Android 12. Even the latest devices like the OPPO Reno7 Series and the Redmi Note 11 Series which just launched a few days ago, launched with Android 12 out the box.

Google has said that Android 13 will be the next big update for Android phones and tablets. From the look of things, it appears that the software will be a continuation of the work that the company started with Android 12.

Android 12 brought some major design changes to Android and the new OS will take up from there, smoothing off some ‘rough edges’ and refining some of its features. Google has also teased some new features, like better app icon themes, more granular permissions for apps to share photos, and new quick settings tiles. If you like Android 12, there’s a good chance that Android 13 will be even more like it.

Android 13 Developer Preview 1 was released on February 10, and a second Developer Preview is expected to be released in March. As the name suggests, Developer Previews are solely meant for developers and not to be used by anyone else.

Google plans to deliver the first of four public betas in April. While public betas may have bugs and lack some necessary features, they are far safer for the broader public to use. The general release of Android 13 is expected to take place in August or September, with subsequent beta versions launching in May, June, and July.

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It goes without saying that the type of smartphone you have will determine when you will receive Android 13. Google’s Pixel phones will be the first to get the new Android software. It’s then up to the phone manufacturers to decide how soon they want to roll out the update. Some of Samsung’s phones may begin receiving Android 13 updates in late 2022, with other manufacturers such as OnePlus, Oppo, Nokia, and others following suit.

While this is only the Developer preview version, Google plans to release the final version of Android 13 in Q3 2022.

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