This Google App Lets You Use Your Cameras to Measure Heart Rate

Google is launching a new feature that will let you use your phone’s camera to measure your heart rate and respiratory rate. The feature which will be available in the Google Fit app will first roll out to Google Pixel phones before expanding to more Android devices.

Google says the new feature utilizes your phone’s front camera to take a video in which your face and upper torso are captured. That’s all, Just record a video breathing normally and the app will measure your respiratory rate.

Google Fit heart rate, respiratory measurements.
Google Fit heart rate, respiratory measurements. (Google)Measuring your heart rate is also pretty simple, all you have to do is place your finger on the rear-facing camera lens. Google will then let you save your heart rate and respiratory measurements in the Google Fit app.

Google explains how the smartphone’s camera can track tiny physical signals like chest movements at the pixel level. It can also detect subtle changes in the color of your fingers to measure your heart rate. “For example, since our heart rate algorithm relies on approximating blood flow from color changes in someone’s fingertip, it has to account for factors such as lighting, skin tone, age, and more in order to work for everyone,” Google said in a blog post.

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