imesssage on android

iMessage on Android? The most exclusive messaging service from Apple could be available to Android Users if what Eric Migicovsky, the creator of the extremely popular Pebble smartwatch is planning, comes to life.

According to Eric, his new app ‘Beeper’, will bring together several chat services under one app. The app will be a unified messenger that will reportedly run on multiple devices and support a wide range of platforms like Windows, Mac, Linux, iOS and Android.

Over the years, many developers have tried to bring iMessage to android and failed. a quick check on the website and it says that you either need to use a jailbroken iPhone with Beeper on it, or have a Mac that is always connected to the internet which will then serve as a “bridge” for your messages to be relayed between Beeper apps on it and your other devices.

The Beeper service itself will be paid monthly. It will set you back $10 a month

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