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A report dubbed Consumers Going Digital has stated how some of the most counterfeited brands in the market have the potential of causing adverse effects on users, including death.

“Counterfeiting is a big problem worldwide. Kenya loses about Sh100 billion in revenue and the problem is growing,” Peter Massawa, CEO Brandmark Safety Global states.

The health sector in Kenya is among the most infiltrated with counterfeit products. Sex enhancing drugs popularly known as Viagra, condoms morning-after pills are pharmaceutical products that are highly counterfeited.

The company has developed an anti-counterfeit technology that helps manufacturers solve the problem of counterfeiting of their products, unfair competition, loss of revenue competition, and damage.

Brandmark is an app that is designed to curb counterfeiting across various markets in the world. Brandmark’s anti-counterfeiting technology helps manufacturers solve the problem of unfair competition, loss of revenue, and damage to their brands.

“Brandmark is an app that is easy to use, secure and customizable. It can spot even the smartest counterfeit. It can be personalized for every brand while ensuring the highest functionality” he said.

The app is designed with security icons, serialized machine-readable ID code, label-tamper-evident, and trial back-end system access.

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