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Tia Lee record breaking ‘GOODBYE PRINCESS’ animation series takes heart-breaking turn in fifth episode

CANBERRA, AUSTRALIA – Media OutReach – 12 December 2022 – Global C-pop star Tia Lee Yu Fen’s gripping animation series – “GOODBYE PRINCESS” took a heart-wrenching turn in the fifth episode as its record breaking run to accumulate 100 million views continues.


The fifth instalment – Temptation Apple – follows the princess immediately after the dashing prince sinks to his knees and declares his love. The episode begins with the two of them dancing joyfully in the castle. The princess though suddenly realises that the magical light that drew her into this adventure is drifting further into the distance.

Chasing the light, she leaves the prince behind and enters a room where a magical mirror shows her “past life” as a happy mermaid. The mirror gives her an apple, and the princess takes a bite without hesitation. The handsome prince isn’t fast enough to stop her, and when the princess’s eyes flutter open, she is back in the depths of the ocean. The television set that was seen on the seabed in episode 1 shows images of the prince holding the princess and trying to revive her with the kiss of life.

Numerous hidden messages were slotted into the fifth part of Tia Lee’s “GOODBYE PRINCESS” animation series, including:

1. The magical mirror that always shows the truth re-connects Tia with reality.
2. Taking a bite of the apple changes the princess’s life. Whether it’s for the better or worse, it’s up to her to decide.
3. With the princess transported back to the scene of the first episode, was everything she experienced just a dream?

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With so many questions left unanswered, what does the highly anticipated finale of this series hold? Stay tuned to find out.

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