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Tia Lee Yu Fen’s (李毓芬) music video takes centre stage after gripping animation series “GOODBYE PRINCESS” achieves record-breaking 100 million views

DUBAI, UNITED ARAB EMIRATES – Media OutReach – 12 December 2022 – All eyes will now turn to Tia Lee Yu Fen’s (李毓芬) hotly-anticipated music video after the global C-Pop star’s record-breaking animation series “GOODBYE PRINCESS” gained international acclaim and accumulated over 100 million views.

The series finale – The Beginning, left off with the princess about to receive the kiss of life from the dashing prince. However, at the last moment, she wakes up and pushes the prince away, causing him to reveal his true form – that of a monstrous beast – and attack the princess. The television set seen in the first and fifth episodes shatters as the beast continues to attack the princess. Sensing mortal danger, the princess recalls memories of the castle, battling black pawns on the chessboard, wearing her beautiful yet superficial dresses, and the blood red water. All these memories combine to become a magical red rose that the princess uses to ward off the beast and transform it into a puppy.

With the danger quelled, the princess holds the puppy in her hand and confidently strides toward the dazzling lights and the future that awaits her.

Accompanying the release of the “GOODBYE PRINCESS” finale was the final set of motion and still images released in collaboration with Vogue Hong Kong. The images show Tia Lee in an all-black Saint Laurent outfit and Christian Louboutin heels, which marks a stark contrast from the glamorous outfits of the previous five episodes. In line with the themes of overcoming challenges and starting a new life, Tia is seen looking determinedly toward the future.

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GOODBYE PRINCESS” Animation Episode 6:
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GOODBYE PRINCESS” Episode 6 Still Image: (for downloading)

GOODBYE PRINCESS” Episode 6 Motion Image:
ROLLACOASTER UK Cover: downloading)

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