TikTok, the popular social media platform for short-form videos, has announced a series of new safety initiatives in Somalia. The company says the new measures are designed to help keep users safe and protect them from harmful content.

One of the key initiatives is a comprehensive refresh of Tiktok’s Community Guidelines. These guidelines outline the rules and standards for what is and is not allowed on the platform. The refreshed guidelines include new provisions to address harmful content such as terrorism, violence, and child sexual abuse material.

In addition to updating its Community Guidelines, TikTok is also working to improve its safety features. The company has rolled out a number of new features in recent months, including:

  • Family Pairing: This feature allows parents or guardians to link their TikTok account to their teens’ account. This gives parents the ability to control their teen’s screen time, who they can interact with, and what content they can see.
  • Comment Filters: This feature allows users to filter out unwanted comments from their videos. Users can choose to block certain words or phrases, or they can simply choose to only see comments from people they follow.
  • User Report Function: This feature allows users to report inappropriate content or behavior on the platform. TikTok reviews all reports and takes action if necessary.

TikTok is also working to educate users about safety on the platform. The company has launched a number of educational programs in Somalia, including workshops and webinars. These programs teach users about the risks of online safety and how to protect themselves.

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TikTok says it is committed to keeping its users safe. The company believes that collaboration is key to achieving this goal. TikTok is working with local regulators and other organizations to share information and best practices. The company is also working with creators to develop educational content about safety.

“We believe that everyone has the right to use the internet safely and securely,” said Kevin Morgan, Head of Trust & Safety, EMEA at TikTok. “We are committed to working with our community and partners to keep TikTok a safe and positive place for everyone.”

To learn more about TikTok’s safety features, visit the #SaferTogether hashtag in-app and the TikTok Safety Centre website.

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