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A petition seeking to ban TikTok in Kenya has been tabled in Parliament. The petition, which was read by Speaker of the National Assembly Moses Wetangula, cites explicit content and lack of privacy as two of the main reasons why the app should be banned.

“The content that is being shared on the platform is inappropriate thus promoting violence, explicit sexual content, hate speech, vulgar language, offensive behavior which is a serious threat to the cultural and religious values of Kenya,” the petition stated.

The petition also alleges that TikTok is not regulated by the Communications Authority of Kenya, which means that the app is not subject to the same content moderation standards as other social media platforms. This allows for the spread of harmful content, including child sexual abuse material.

The petition has been met with mixed reactions. Some Kenyans support the petition, arguing that TikTok is a threat to the country’s moral fabric. Others argue that the petition is an infringement on freedom of expression.

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The petition is still under consideration by Parliament. It is not yet clear whether the app will be banned in Kenya.

In addition to the concerns raised in the petition, TikTok has also been accused of being a surveillance tool. The app is owned by the Chinese company ByteDance, which has close ties to the Chinese government. This has led to concerns that TikTok could be used to collect data on Kenyan users and share it with the Chinese government.

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The petition to ban TikTok in Kenya is the latest in a series of challenges that the app has faced. TikTok has been banned in India and Indonesia, and it is facing scrutiny in the United States. It is unclear whether the app will be able to survive the challenges it is facing.

Only time will tell whether TikTok will be banned in Kenya. However, the petition has raised important concerns about the app’s content and its potential for misuse. It is important to have a discussion about these concerns and to make sure that TikTok is used in a safe and responsible way.

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