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In a surprising move, TikTok, the popular short-video social platform, has announced the testing phase of its AI chatbot named Tako. The company took to Twitter today to break the news, revealing that they are exploring chatbot tools with a limited test of Tako with select users in the Philippines.

Tako: Enhancing User Experience on TikTok

Tako, TikTok’s new AI-powered chatbot, aims to make it easier to discover entertaining and inspiring content on the platform. By leveraging the capabilities of a third-party chat assistant, Tako has the potential to significantly transform search and navigation within the TikTok app.

The Verge obtained exclusive screenshots of the Tako chatbot feature, providing users with a sneak peek into its functionality. Positioned above the TikTok profile icon, Tako can be accessed by a simple tap, opening up a chat screen where users can interact with the bot.

While TikTok remains tight-lipped about the underlying AI model powering Tako, the screenshots suggest that the chatbot can handle a wide range of queries. Moreover, Tako will provide users with suggested prompts to facilitate conversations.

According to Watchful.ai, a tech research firm, Tako’s capabilities go beyond answering questions. It can recommend personalized content based on the user’s viewing history and the queries asked. However, it’s important to exercise caution when relying on Tako’s information, as its responses may not always be accurate.

TikTok joins the league of other social media platforms venturing into AI chatbot territory. Snapchat introduced its own AI chatbot, “My AI,” powered by OpenAI’s ChatGPT, earlier this year. Similarly, Google unveiled “Bard” as its AI chatbot.

The fact that TikTok has filed trademarks for “chatbot software” under the name Tako further indicates the company’s plans to expand its chatbot offering. With Snapchat making My AI available to all users free of charge, Meta’s Mark Zuckerberg has also expressed his ambition to introduce AI agents to billions of people.

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1. How can I access Tako, TikTok’s AI chatbot? To access Tako, you simply need to tap on the TikTok profile icon, located above the app’s interface. This will open up a chat screen where you can interact with the chatbot.

2. What can Tako do? Tako is designed to answer a wide range of queries and provide personalized content recommendations based on your viewing history and questions asked. However, it’s important to remember that Tako’s responses may not always be accurate, so exercise caution when relying on its information.

3. Are other social media platforms also introducing AI chatbots? Yes, several other platforms have ventured into the AI chatbot space. Snapchat introduced “My AI,” powered by OpenAI’s ChatGPT, while Google unveiled “Bard.” TikTok’s move to develop Tako showcases the industry’s growing interest in integrating AI assistants into social media platforms.

4. Will TikTok expand its chatbot offering? TikTok’s trademark filings for “chatbot software” under the name Tako strongly suggest that the company has plans to expand its chatbot offering. With other platforms making their chatbots accessible to a wider user base, TikTok aims to remain competitive in this space.

5. What does the introduction of Tako signify for TikTok? Tako represents TikTok’s commitment to enhancing user experiences through innovative AI technologies. Despite challenges and controversies surrounding the platform, TikTok continues to adapt and evolve, ensuring its users have an engaging and personalized content discovery journey.

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