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tmtplaza Unveils Biggest Beauty Hub in Northwest New Territories: BEAUTY WORLD 40+ Trending International Beauty Brands Featured

HK’s First Mall to Create Green NFT Beauty Community with Membership Edge
1,000 Custom NFT Avatars Made with Local Green NFT Platform Articoin
$20M Enhancement & Promotion Projects to Drive 30% Beauty Business Growth

HONG KONG SAR – Media OutReach – 16 June 2022 – Following the rise of Metaverse, the non-fungible token (NFT) has taken the world by storm as a powerful catalyst for digital transformation in finance. The virtual investment tool also opens up new opportunities for business growth and marketing endeavours. Riding this new tide of business innovation, tmtplaza of Sino Group has incorporated NFT into its latest enhancement effort. The “Beauty Me NFT Community” is part of tmtplaza’s development strategy, launched in parallel with the new BEAUTY WORLD, the biggest beauty hub in Northwest New Territories, following a major facelift that brings together over 40 trending and international beauty brands and a multimedia campaign, making tmtplaza the first shopping mall in Hong Kong to offer an NFT-enabled membership programme. Members of this trailblazing community are in for the first-of-its-kind experience to personalise their NFT Avatars, with exclusive beauty experiences and offers to top off the membership privileges sustainably.


Ms Bella Chhoa, Director – Asset Management of Sino Group, said the beauty floor of tmtplaza has undergone a renovation since the end of last year. The inauguration of BEAUTY WORLD marks the beginning of a relaunch campaign, including Hong Kong’s first membership programme run by a shopping mall to encompass green NFT in collaboration with the local green NFT platform Articoin. The project drives forward Sino Group’s vision of supporting sustainable development and entrepreneurship by reducing energy emission and carbon footprint, as well as helping start-ups in their efforts to transform innovative ideas into consumer experiences. A total of nearly $20 million in investments has been pulled for renovation and promotion projects.

Ms Chhoa said, “In the new era where the real and the virtual converge, tmtplaza incorporates NFT elements into its membership programme with a view to drawing 1,000 NFT owners into our ‘Beauty Me NFT Community’ as founding members, in particular the tech-savvy Millennials with purchasing power and a creative mindset. As we are unlocking the transformation of BEAUTY WORLD, it is about time to launch the ‘Beauty Community’ that combines virtual NFT and real-life membership programme to forge a lasting connection with our loyal customers. We are expecting that the campaign will bring a 15% increase in footfall and a 30% sales growth on pre-campaign figures for our beauty tenants.”

New BEAUTY WORLD Image as Biggest Beauty Hub in Northwest New Territories

The renovation project of tmtplaza’s beauty zone, which commenced in Q4 last year, was conceived to offer a more pleasant and intimate shopping environment where over 40 upmarket local and international beauty brands, equivalent to nearly 15% of the mall’s total number of tenants, craft inspiring and holistic beauty experiences with a stellar line-up of products in Northwest New Territories’ biggest beauty hub spanning over 50,000 square feet.

Virtual NFT Beauty Community with Real-life Membership and Personalised Avatars

The new image of BEAUTY WORLD will be unveiled in a series of beauty experiences and offers between 22 June and 26 July, alongside the launch of the “Beauty Me NFT Community” project, the first NFT-enabled membership programme run by a shopping mall in Hong Kong. Combining the best of both worlds, the programme allows customers to create their own avatars with the one-stop functionality of styling their favourite beauty looks – a proposition championed by BEAUTY WORLD. Customers with same-day spending totalling HK$2,000 at BEAUTY WORLD are eligible to create their own personalised avatars and own an NFT minted by the local green NFT platform Articoin. Serving as a non-monetary virtual ID, the exclusive NFT comes with the membership of the “Beauty Me” community. Customers do not need a crypto wallet to receive or store their own NFTs. This will allow all creative beauty enthusiasts to experience the innovation at the crossroads of the virtual and the real in an accessible way. The first instalment of the programme will give away 1,000 NFTs, whose owners will become the founding members of “Beauty Me NFT Community”, with exclusive and sustainable membership privileges including up to HK$1,088 welcome gifts, beauty experiences, dedicated beauty workshops, and shopping offers among others. tmtplaza will also roll out monthly, quarterly, and other campaign-driven membership perks for NFT-owners. What’s more, the city’s largest 540-inch in-mall LED display at the atrium will throw a spotlight on every NFT owner by dedicating screen time to their own avatar!

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“Beauty Me NFT is an online-to-offline initiative combining NFT identification and real-life perk redemption as a win-win approach to enhance customer engagement and loyalty while drawing in footfall, sales and repeat customers. This NFT project is not a one-off event; rather, we aim to develop a long-term engagement with all NFT owners. tmtplaza will continue to grow this beauty-dedicated community, sustained via real-life membership offers and privileges and promoted through regular beauty campaigns,” Ms Chhoa added.

Green NFT Platform Articoin Tapped as Partner to Drive Sino’s Sustainability Goals

A staunch supporter of sustainability and start-ups, Sino Group invited local green NFT platform Articoin to mint green NFTs for tmtplaza. Sino Group initiated this partnership with a view to creating a platform for start-ups like Articoin to promote their messages and shared passion for sustainability.

Mr Wilson Ho, representative of Articoin said, “We are delighted to collaborate with Sino Group on this project. We share the same vision of integrating technology in everyday life and carrying through sustainability. The process emits an amount of carbon equivalent to ‘a minute’s human respiration’ for one ‘Beauty Me NFT’ – a substantial drop compared to the traditional minting method which gives off carbon of ‘two day’s breathing’.”

“BEAUTY WORLD Fest”: 5 Weeks of up to 74% Discounts
& 10,000+ Rewards Totalling HK$2M+ From 22 June

In addition to the “Beauty Me NFT Community”, visitors to tmtplaza are also invited to create their own avatars at the ‘BEAUTY WORLD Pop-up’. Better still, S⁺ REWARDS members can have their artworks printed as personalised collectible cards for a designated amount of points. There are also ‘Fun with Beauty’ claw machines giving away over 10,000 beauty gifts totalling HK$2 million+ to all shoppers at tmtplaza! During the “BEAUTY WORLD Fest”, 38 beauty brands will offer up to 74% discounts on 180 kinds of exclusive skincare and beauty sets.

What’s more, the BEAUTY WORLD Pop-up will feature five thematic weeks by five international beauty brands, with a fabulous stream of exclusive offers, unique beauty experiences, and workshops.

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