Most Visited Websites in kenya

According to new data from SEMRUSH and Alexa, the top most visited website in Kenya by traffic count is with Semrush listing 69.1 million total visits in December 2020 only.

Youtube comes in second runners up on both the Alexa and Semrush reports with a total of 22.5 million visits.

Semrush puts Facebook in 4th and Sports betting website Betika closing the top 5 with 12.9 million and 8.17 million visits respectively.

At 6th is popular social media platform Twitter with 5.9 million users. Kenyans visited adult videos site Xvideos 4.48 million times ranking it the 9th most visited website in Kenya.

Standard Media was the only popular news site in the Semrush top 20 with 3.56 million ranking at 13th while popular streaming service Netflix closed the top 20 at 2.4 million visits.

SEMRUSH’s top 20 most visited websites in Kenya

However, on Alexa’s top 20, Standard Media is 3rd, followed by Tuko with Nation Media closing the top 5. Netflix ranks 8th with Betika closing the top 20.

Alexa’s top 20 most visited websites in Kenya

Read the full report here.

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