Tourists in Western countries will now use tech to immerse themselves right in the heart of the Safari experience in Kenya, South Africa, Botswana, and Tanzania via “Illuminarium” which uses visual experiences combined with techniques used in traditional motion picture production and virtual reality to give users the Safari experience in the US.

Illuminarium Experiences, a new breakthrough global experiential entertainment company sold the tickets for WILD: A Safari Experience, a first-of-its-kind entertainment experience showcasing the beauty and splendor of Africa’s most exotic animals in their natural habitats, at $30 for kids and $35 for adults, with premium packages available in Atlanta for the first-ever event on July 1, 2021.

According to the company, WILD transports visitors to Africa through cinematic content shot by Radical Media, using custom camera arrays that provide a 240-degree native field of view (versus the average 210-degree human field of view), on location to showcase majestic animals in their native habitats across South Africa, Botswana, Kenya, and Tanzania.

Complementing the exotic sights of a safari, visitors were also immersed in its authentic sounds and scents, all without leaving Atlanta.

However, this mind-blowing (cheap) visual experience will not be available locally, at least not in a long while. Following Atlanta, Illuminarium will open in Las Vegas at AREA 15 in January 2022 and in Miami, at Mana in the Wynwood Arts District, in fall 2022. Other North American locations under consideration are New York City, Chicago, Toronto, Montreal, Los Angeles, and Austin.

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