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Samsung unveiled a smorgasbord of innovative tech under the banner “AI for All: Connectivity in the Age of AI.” From jaw-dropping displays to a charming robot buddy, here’s a glimpse into Samsung’s vision for the future:

1. AI for Everyone: Samsung emphasized democratizing AI, showcasing intelligent features across its product lines. The Neo QLED 8K TVs now learn your viewing habits and personalize content recommendations, while the Galaxy Book4 series leverages AI to boost productivity and creative workflows.

2. The Future of Home Entertainment: Samsung also unveiled the world’s first transparent MICRO LED display that seamlessly blends with your surroundings, blurring the line between reality and content. And, if you crave the ultimate cinematic experience, their new projector boasts a jaw-dropping 8K resolution with 2,200 nits of peak brightness.

We saw Samsung's transparent Micro-LED display, and you won't be able to buy it - Gearrice

3. Ballie: Your Rolling AI Companion: Say hello to Ballie, your new rolling friend! This palm-sized robot assistant follows you around, performing tasks like taking pictures, controlling smart home devices, and even providing companionship. Ballie might just be the adorable push toward a future filled with robotic helpers.

Samsung brings back Ballie, its home robot, at CES 2024 — with a few upgrades | TechCrunch

4. Mobile Powerhouse: The Galaxy ecosystem received a major upgrade. The Galaxy Book4 laptops boast next-generation processors and AI-powered features for seamless connectivity with your Galaxy smartphone and other devices. And, Samsung teased an upcoming flagship smartphone launch at Galaxy Unpacked on January 17th, leaving the tech world buzzing with anticipation.

Introducing Galaxy Book4 Series: The Most Intelligent and Powerful Galaxy Book Yet – Samsung Global Newsroom

Samsung also showed off its Flex In & Out Flip concept device which folds in both directions.

Samsung's Flex In & Out concept phone opened on display

5. Beyond Gadgets: Samsung’s vision extends beyond consumer electronics. They showcased advancements in healthcare technology, including a next-generation ultrasound system and AI-powered solutions for early disease detection. They also highlighted their commitment to sustainability with initiatives like upcycling old devices and reducing their environmental footprint.

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Samsung also announced a new product line to expand on The Frame, its popular art-inspired television series, a breakthrough projector, further expanding its product portfolio, and partnerships like Copilot — Microsoft’s Generative AI assistant that can accurately read, summarize and send text messages from mobile or PC to create a cohesive experience between two devices.

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