This is not my first True Wireless buds rodeo, but the Flybuds 3 are the best budget buds you can get right now, from long battery life, build quality to some of the best sound you can get at this price, here’s a review of the stunning earbuds from Tribit.

Props to Essential Accessories Kenya for sending me a pair of the Tribit Flybuds 3 and making this review possible.

What’s in the Box

  • Earbuds (L/R) & Charging Case
  • Earhooks (2 pairs)
  • USB-C Charging Cable
  • Ear Tips (5 sets)

First Impressions & Build Quality

The earphones come in a black charging case that is slightly heavier than any case I’ve had my hands on, but this gives them a very premium feel. The reason for the weight is the mammoth 2,600 mAh battery in the case.

On the front of the case are four white LED battery indicators, below them is a USB-C charging port and a reset button.

Opening the lid (this is a little bit finicky) of the charging case reveals two round earpieces fitted with adjustable ear hooks and silicone ear tips.

These Flybuds 3 feel high quality and I can confidently tell you they will not shatter into pieces with one drop, they have IPX7 waterproofing so you casually exercise with the sports-oriented buds.


The Flybuds 3 fit comfortably in my ears with ease, I only had one bud fall out while I was jogging but fitting the correct size of ear tip for yourself is essential to avoid this and for getting the best bass response from the budget earbuds.


The Flybuds 3 have a very limited set of controls, each earpiece has a touch control area that can pause music on double tap, skip forward on tracks with a triple tap, accept calls, end calls, and activate a voice assistant, that’s about it, you get no volume controls or go back to a previous track, which to me is not a deal-breaker.

Performance & Battery Life

The Flybuds 3 have Bluetooth 5.0 which means acceptable connection strength which never dropped on me. The microphones built into the buds are the best I have come across this year. Using the Google Recorder app, my voice recordings were easily transcripted to text without issue. Despite the lack of any noise-canceling technology the Flybuds 3 exceed expectations.

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Mic Test

The sound quality on the earbuds is simply a source of sheer bliss, despite using relatively small 6mm drivers compared to the 7.2-mm sound unit on the Xiaomi Airdots 2, the bass response is absolutely phenomenal, the buds have balanced midrange or treble with little distortion even at very high volumes. This is a bass lover’s sound signature!

Prince Kaybee’s Beautiful girls and Umenitosha, tracks with an incredibly expensive variety of instruments mix give you a better feel of the Tribit Flybuds 3’s sound signature. The drums on the tracks sound thunderous and the vocals get a little treble edge and remain very crisp.

Every kick, bassline, and drop is delivered with a massive thump which you can feel. Enabled with dynamic EQ, the FlyBuds 3 ensures deep bass and sounds sensational at any volume.

In terms of the battery life, the buds will just never run out of juice, a single charge of the earpieces provides up to five hours of playing time, the 2,600 mAh battery can keep the Flybuds 3 playing for up to 100 hours before needing a recharge and thanks to an additional USB outlet, the Tribit Flybuds 3 can also be used as a power bank for recharging a smartphone!

Tribit Flybuds 3


Opening the charging case is a little, bit finicky, the lid can barely remain open long enough to get the buds out! That and the lack of basic volume controls is a bummer, but for the price, getting a well-built, Waterproof, bass-forward true wireless in-ears with 100 hours of battery life is a steal.

You can get the buds for Sh6000 from Essential Accessories Kenya here.

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Tribit Flybud 3


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