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TRON Founder Justin Sun and Stablecoin USDD Appear in Financial District, San Francisco

GENEVA, SWITZERLAND – Media OutReach – 8 October 2022 – Recently, a billboard featuring Justin Sun, the founder of TRON, and TRON’s stablecoin USDD appeared in the Financial District of San Francisco, CA, to promote the blockchain industry to one of the world’s finance strongholds. Analysts believe that Sun was trying to send a positive signal to blockchain practitioners during the crypto winter to boost their confidence.

The billboard in the Financial District is believed to be Sun’s third appearance within a month to promote the industry in a landmark area, after one occasion in Times Square, NY, and one at the JFK Airport. In addition, Justin Sun has recently appeared on the world’s leading finance media Bloomberg, renowned blockchain media Coindesk, and TechCrunch, a famous American technology blog, to expand the influence of the crypto world online.

Moreover, recent days have frequently seen Justin Sun appearing at social events, calling for the revival of the crypto industry. He first represented TRON in Binance Blockchain Week in Paris, and then delivered an online speech at the Upbit Developer Conference (UDC) in South Korea. In Paris, Sun joined other members of the panel to discuss the status quo of Web 3.0, key projects, user experience, security concerns, and other pressing matters concerning the industry’s future.

Justin Sun Speaks at Binance Blockchain Week in Paris

In his recent speech at the Upbit Developer Conference (UDC) in South Korea, Justin Sun stressed again the promising prospect of Web 3.0 to the audience. He commented that the scale of virtual assets had expanded exponentially over the past decade, and such rapid growth would not slow down in the future. Although Web 3.0 still confronts obstacles including government regulation and the lack of public consensus, Sun believes, the future belongs to digitalization.

Since the downturn of the crypto market began in April 2022, Justin Sun, one of the leading figures in the industry, has expressed his optimism on many occasions, actively building up confidence among practitioners and investors. In an exclusive interview with Swiss business media Bilan in June, Jun said that the industry is now different from that in 2018: after years of development, blockchain and cryptocurrency are more and more accepted and adopted by the world, which is an unstoppable trend. Meanwhile, he added, “Restoring confidence takes time, but a bear market will not be the end for the industry.”

During the market crisis in July, Sun and the TRON DAO Reserve provided a safety net for the industry by purchasing BTC and other liquid digital assets. Moreover, Sun and TRON planned to provide $5 billion to rescue those crypto companies struggling for survival. More recently, he and TRON held a series of Hackathon competitions, setting up a $1.2 million prize pool to discover innovative, high-quality projects and better help developers with technical development during the crypto winter.

As Sun suggested, the crypto industry has yet to reach the end of innovation, and TRON will never give up support for those Web 3.0 enthusiasts. Meanwhile, TRON will strive to popularize blockchain technology and innovative cross-chain solutions, hoping not only to empower better research and development but also to facilitate connecting the overall blockchain ecosystems around the world.

The San Francisco Financial District serves as the city’s main central business district. Home to six Fortune 500 companies, it provides over 370,000 jobs. Montgomery Street, sometimes called “Wall Street of the West”, is the traditional heart of the district. San Francisco and the surrounding Bay Area are the most important financial center on the West Coast of the United States. The city proper has a population of around 880,000, with around 180,000 residents of Chinese descent, the density of whom is the highest in the western hemisphere and the number of whom is only second to New York.

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