Twitter has today announced that its paid verification system, Twitter Blue, is now available globally.

Twitter Blue is a subscription-based service that offers several user-facing features, but the primary reason for paid verification is to help the platform ‘cut down on bots’ in other words, generate income for Elon Musk.

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However, Twitter will now elevate content from verified users, meaning that users are more likely to see content from verified users over non-verified ones.

Twitter Blue also offers several user-facing features, such as the ability to edit tweets, create bookmark folders, and use custom app icons.

Here’s how much it’ll cost you in Kenya.

Country iOS Pricing (Monthly) Web Pricing (Monthly) Android Pricing (Monthly) iOS Pricing (Yearly) Web Pricing (Yearly) Android Pricing (Yearly)
Kenya $11.00 $8.00 Ksh1,419.00 $114.99 $84.00 Ksh14,830.00

Twitter’s owner, Elon Musk, recently posted that the company is on a path to profitability by the end of 2023, so there are definitely commercial motivations behind this move. Twitter aims to cut down on bots, which is a significant problem on its platform. By elevating content from verified users, Twitter hopes to provide a better user experience and attract more users to its platform.

It was previously understood that as the new Twitter Blue was rolled out, that legacy verification would be removed and therefore those who previously had the blue checkmark would need to begin paying. Today Twitter has confirmed that legacy verification will be phased out starting 1st April.

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meta verified

The move to monetize verification is picking pace as Meta also announced back in February, that they were introducing paid verification on their platform, this has so far been launched as well in select countries.

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