Twitter blue

Twitter Blue is a monthly subscription that offers exclusive access to premium features so you can customize your Twitter experience.

How to sign up for Twitter Blue

  1. Navigate to the Profile menu  on your app or
  2. Select Twitter Blue.
  3. Select the blue Subscribe for $/mo button.
  4. Follow the in-app purchase instructions for iOS and Android, or Stripe purchase prompts for transactions completed on

All Twitter Blue Features:

1. Custom navigation set up

This iOS-only feature lets you choose and save at least 2 and up to 6 items for the bottom navigation bar in the Twitter for iOS app. When you remove default items from the navigation bar, you’ll find them listed in the Profile menu.

Note: If you remove notifications and direct messages from the navigation bar, you’ll find those alerts next to where they’re listed in the Profile menu. 

How to set up your custom navigation
  1. Navigate to the Profile menu on your app.
  2. Under Feature Settings, tap Custom navigation.
  3. Tap and hold the items to drag them into your preferred order.
  4. Tap Save.

2. Undo Tweet

Undo Tweet is turned on by default when you subscribe to Twitter Blue. You can turn the feature on or off from your Twitter Blue settings. When turned off, you won’t see the Undo Tweet prompt, and your Tweet sends right away. When turned on, your Tweet is completely private during the Tweet Undo period. Your followers won’t see the Tweet until the Undo Tweet timer expires or you select Send now. 

How to Undo a Tweet from the notification immediately after composing
  1. Before you Tweet, check your Undo Tweet setting (it’s on by default if you haven’t turned it off).
  2. Compose and Send your Tweet.
  3. Select View Tweet in the Sending Tweet notification that appears immediately after you send your Tweet.
  4. You’ll see your Tweet displayed with a timer in the bottom left counting down your Tweet Undo period.
  5. Select Undo.
  6.  You’ll go to Composer where you can revise your Tweet.
  7. If you selected Undo, revise your Tweet in the Tweet Composer and select Tweet.
  8. Once the Undo Tweet timer expires, your Tweet posts to your timeline, and is visible to your followers.
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Note: If you’d like to undo your Tweet after the notification disappears, but before your Undo Tweet period expires, you can also access the Undo Tweet option from your Home timeline (scroll to the top) or select the home button.

3. Custom Twitter App icon

This feature lets you pick how your Twitter App icon displays on your phone. Choose from several colors as well as seasonal options that are only available for a limited time. 

4. Custom Twitter App theme

This feature lets you choose the theme colors for your Twitter App.

5. Labs

Labs offer Twitter Blue subscribers early access to features we’re testing before they’re available to anyone else! These are features like Setting your NFT as your profile picture.

Features in Labs will change over time. Some features may be removed or become available to all Twitter accounts while others will be subscriber-only.

  • Labs: Pinned Conversations

This iOS-only feature lets you pin your favorite conversations to the top of your direct message inbox so you can find them easily pin up to 4 conversations at a time.

  • Labs: 10-min videos

Twitter Blue subscribers can now upload and Tweet videos up to 10 minutes long. This desktop-only web feature isn’t available on iOS, Android, or yet.

Right now, longer video uploads are only available to subscribers

  • Customizing your Reader feature

Reader turns long threads into a more beautiful reading experience. This feature was adopted from the thread unroll bot.

  • Creating and managing Bookmark Folders

Bookmark Folders help you organize your saved Tweets. There are several ways to create a Bookmark Folder, but they all require you to Bookmark a Tweet first. As a Twitter Blue member, when you create a new Bookmarks you’ll see a notification with the option to Add to Folder right away. Twitter Blue allows you an unlimited number of bookmarks and Bookmark Folders which are always private.

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