According to a tweet by reverse engineer and online sleuth Jane Manchun Wong, Twitter is working on bringing back the request for verification feature which was closed in 2017.

The new feature Twitter is developing will be similar to Instagram’s in-app verification system.

Jane discovered a “request verification” field in the Twitter app in the “personal information” section of the app’s settings and went public with the screenshots, Twitter confirmed the new system but did not officially announce the details.

Twitter introduced the blue check request process in order to have the names of accounts it had verified stand out as authentic, and that were “of public interest.” However, Twitter stated that a verified badge did not imply a formal endorsement by the company.

A spot check by TechSpaceKe on the verification page shows that the process is still on hold.  Earlier this year, Twitter started granting blue checks to public health officials to give authenticity to their tweets about COVID-19.

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