Popular microblogging site Twitter has in the past few months been introducing a bunch of new features, now, a new ‘close friends’ feature appears to be on the horizon.

A designer from the Twitter team leaked some concepts that depict different profiles — called “Facets” — for different kinds of tweeting. The first idea shows a user named Brad with different profiles such as Brad, Brad at work, and Daddy Braddy (which is a private profile mode). Followers can follow your whole profile or specific Facets.

If you tweet about football and tech, some people might be interested in only one topic, say tech, so Facets could help them avoid football tweets from you.

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The second idea is more akin to the Close Friends feature on Instagram. In this concept, you can choose a circle of trusted friends and your tweets would only show up to them. Plus, you could also prioritize tweets from that group to appear before others on your timeline.

What are your thoughts on these new features? leave a comment down below.

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