Twitter Is Testing Out a Native Quoted Replies Feature

When popular social media platform Twitter initially introduced quoted replies in April 2015, only users whose tweet had been replied could see all the quoted replies in their notifications panel, however, with time and demand from users who wanted to see quoted replies while browsing for tweets like the viral “bomboclaat” memes, tech enthusiasts created bots that would fetch the links and show these replies.

Twitter has now begun testing a native new feature that will allow users to see all of a tweet’s retweets that include a comment. The update was confirmed by Twitter product lead Kayvon Beykpour in a tweet on Wednesday after it was spotted by a user.

Up until now, users who wanted to see what others were saying in a posts’ retweets typically tagged @QuotedReplies and Kenyan owned @Quoted_replies The automated accounts would then deliver convenient links to pre-filled Twitter search results. It’s a useful service but will be obsolete once Twitter’s new feature is officially rolled out.


here are some other different UI screenshots of the feature:

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