Twitter has finally brought its new audio-only feature Spaces to mobile and desktop web browsers.

Earlier Twitter Spaces were only available on the Android and iOS apps.

While announcing the new development, Twitter said there were three key focus areas for Spaces. First is the infrastructure and listening UI that “adapts to your screen size.” The second is setting reminders for scheduled spaces, and the third is accessibility and transcriptions.

Twitter also gave examples of how Spaces will look on the web browser. One image shows the UI of joining a Space. It’s much like the mobile app version where you can see the host’s name, description, and list of participants.

Twitter Spaces also shows real-time transcriptions.

The second image shows an ongoing Space window that’s placed on the right side of the screen. So you can listen to the Space conversations while browsing through tweets at the same time.

Twitter also shows real-time transcriptions of the Space that’s displayed at the bottom of the window.

You still, however, can’t start a space on the web and can only join, listen in and speak in them with Twitter not revealing when it will be available.

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