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After the whole clubhouse success, major tech companies like Facebook and Twitter also started venturing into offering alternatives to the service that enables a shift in discussions online from text to voice-enabled spaces. The latter’s Spaces feature is now slowly arriving on a few Android devices, according to reports.

How to start a Twitter Space

You can start a Space in two ways

  1. Long press on the compose button and then tap the new Spaces icon on the far left. Or, tap on your profile image in Fleets, scroll to the far right, and tap Spaces. You can invite up to 10 people to speak.
  2. You can select who can join with speaking privileges by choosing from EveryonePeople you follow, or Only people you invite to speak, which lets you send DM invites.
  3. Your mic will be off to start. When ready, tap Start your Space.
  4. Allow mic access by toggling Allow mic access to on.
  5. Choose whether or not you want to Share transcriptions by toggling the button on or off.
  6. Get started recording in your Space.

Note: Twitter says they are initially rolling out Spaces to a very small group to learn and gather feedback from a variety of communities on Twitter. While anyone on android will now be able to join a Space, only people in the small group will be able to create Spaces. Twitter will expand the list of people who can create Spaces over time.

You need to be on the latest version of the Twitter app to be able to speak after being invited by a host.

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