Elon Musk has made a lot of changes since he acquired Twitter (𝕏) in November 2022. The billionaire CEO has been vocal about his plans to make 𝕏 a better platform for users, and he has been backing up his words with actions.

In the past few months, 𝕏 has rolled out a number of new features, many of which are exclusive to Blue subscribers. Here are some of the highlights:

  • The ability to sort posts by most liked and engaged. This will make it easier for users to find the most popular tweets, regardless of who posted them.
  • The ability to hide your Blue checkmark. This is a great option for users who want to maintain a more private profile.
  • The ability to view who a person is subscribed to on mobile. This is a helpful way to see who someone is following and learn more about their interests.
  • The ability to rewind or fast-forward videos using desktop arrow keys. This is a convenient way to control videos without having to use your mouse or trackpad.
  • A new sidebar layout with a smaller Trending section and a larger Who to Follow section. This change is designed to make it easier for users to find new people to follow.
  • A new search function that is powered by artificial intelligence. This will help users find more relevant tweets, even if they don’t use the exact right keywords.
  • Twitter Blue is now known as 𝕏 Premium. This change aligns with the speculation that the subscription service could be renamed to ” 𝕏 Premium”. This naming convention aligns with other social media and streaming subscriptions like YouTube Premium, LinkedIn Premium, and Snapchat Premium.
  • The 𝕏 team has expanded creator monetization to more countries, addressing a limitation caused by Stripe’s availability as 𝕏’s payment processor.
  • Elon tested 𝕏’s Livestreaming functionality from the company’s headquarters in San Francisco, demonstrating a commitment to improving the platform.
    • To “Go Live” on the app, you simply need to Open 𝕏 and tap the “+” icon. Select “Go Live” after tapping the Camera. Notably, the Live Broadcast post appears on the feed immediately after it ends.
  • 𝕏 now displays posts from Communities you belong to in the “For You” feed. The goal of the update is to boost Community posts and give them more visibility and engagement. “We hope to roll this out to more users soon and help with engagement and bring users back to Communities,” the company says in its post.
  • 𝕏 introduced Desktop functionality for Spaces on August 4th, to improve sound quality and production. Desktop Spaces has been in progress on/off since the feature launched in 2021. The team started working on it again around May.
  • The @𝕏Hiring team started working on mobile functionality and additional features to match jobs with applicants, extending the platform’s utility beyond social interactions.
  • On August 3rd, 𝕏 began displaying a follow button for users you don’t follow in Tweet Details, aiming to encourage more user connections. This is launched for Android users and will encourage users to follow more people on X! This new update will also let you know if someone follows you by turning the follow button into the “Follow back” button!
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  • The New Verified Organization page has gone live on 𝕏, expanding the reach of organic posts by organizations and affiliates.
  • The importance of replies has escalated, making being a “reply guy” more advantageous. Replies will get you noticed way more. This new component pushes your replies to the timeline more (even over retweets). Meaning if you RT and reply to a tweet, the reply will be more visible. Use this feature more often to grow your account.
  • Users on 𝕏/Twitter can now decide if others can download their videos. This feature is limited to videos uploaded after the download feature was introduced, and it’s accessible only to 𝕏 Blue users. Note that if you’re under 18, the download setting is automatically set to OFF. Similar to a feature on TikTok, the company is also working on adding watermarks to videos for clear attribution.
  • 𝕏 also gave Creators the autonomy to adjust subscription prices, a feature prompted by a user request.
  • **Rewinding or fast-forwarding videos on 𝕏 can now be done using desktop

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