Popular microblogging platform Twitter recently reopened verification to the public after a long hiatus, but as expected, most verification requests will be rejected, initially, the rejection email did not include details of why they rejected your verification requests, This is going to change.

Instead of getting a simple email stating that your request has been rejected and that you can apply again, if you want, in 30 days’ time, Twitter will now let you know, in the email, why, specifically, your application was rejected.

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“We’ve heard your feedback that we can be more clear on why an application didn’t get approved. Decision emails will now give more context on why requests don’t meet our criteria,” Twitter Verified shared.

Twitter has also shared a list of things to note before you apply to get verified again.

1. If you are using a website to authenticate yourself, that website has to belong to a verified organization. The website must also reference your name and Twitter account.

2. If you are a company/brand/organization or an activist/influencer applying to get verified, your follower count has to be in the top 0.05% of active accounts located in the same geographic region.

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3. For those applying as journalists, your Twitter profile must reference the news organization you are affiliated with and link to its official website. Also, the news organization you reference must be a notable, verified organization as per Twitter’s policy.

Journalists will also have to link to their specific about page/bio or to articles that reference them on the news organization’s official site. Independent/freelance journalists must provide links to three articles published in verified publications in the past six months before applying.

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