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Just like creators can reply to TikTok replies using videos, popular microblogging platform Twitter is also launching a reply via videos feature called Tweet Take which will let you reply to quote tweets via a video.

To reply in the form of a video, users will need to select the ‘Quote Tweet with reaction’ option available while sharing the tweet. Along with the video reply, the original tweet will be attached.

Instagram also launched a similar feature called Reels Visual Replies which also allows users to reply to Reels by making their own short video.

The Twitter reaction videos will appear on the main timeline (like other tweets). Not everyone likes the feature, here’s a few reactions from the platform.

“Nobody on this site does any type of vlog or filming themselves for their takes so why would we need an entire feature for it, they are trying to be too much like TikTok or insta but those sites need it since they have a fundamental different method of posting, we don’t need this.” Twitter user amsash writes.

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