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Every one of us has been in a conversation on Twitter that they wanted to be no part of, Twitter has been testing an Unmentioning feature to the app and web version of the platform.

The new feature allows you to remove yourself from conversations you don’t want to be a part of.

From the above Gif Twitter explains how you can remove yourself from a conversation. First, tap the three-dot menu on the tweet in question. From there, you’ll see a new option to “leave this conversation.” Once you tap that option, Twitter explains that leaving a conversation will do the following things:

  • Untag your username: Your username stays, but it’ll be untagged from the original tweet and all replies.
  • Stop future mentions: People can’t mention you again in this conversation.
  • Stop notifications: You won’t receive further notifications but can still see the conversation.

Once you confirm that you want to leave the conversation, your username will be untagged from all tweets in that conversation. This means other users are unable to tap through and view your profile, and any responses will not include your tag.

The official launch of the feature comes as Elon Musk officially announced that he is pulling out of the $44 billion agreement to buy Twitter. The Tesla CEO has been in a long-standing epic drama to acquire the company, which started when he first bought a 9.2 percent share of the social media company.

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