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uFinance launches new student loan campaign “This is Youth” Encouraging students to embrace their dreams without being discouraged by financial pressure

HONG KONG SAR – Media OutReach – 27 September 2022 – uFinance, the Information Loan Platform for Tertiary Students in Hong Kong, is launching a new student loan campaign, “This is Youth”, in September. It is designed to encourage tertiary students to pursue their dreams and not be held back by financial pressure. The campaign will span across online and offline media, hoping to engage with more local tertiary students and allow them to redefine their own ‘youth’.

Follow your dreams and create your own youth with uFinance

As university students wish to pursue their dreams during their studies, but are discouraged by financial constraints, Stephen Lai, the founder of uFinance, believes that university is the most youthful and free time in life, and that they should explore different paths in their lives, instead of being restricted by financial constraints. Therefore, uFinance was established in 2018 to help students overcome the problem of not being able to apply for large, low-interest loans from banks and traditional financial institutions. uFinance has helped over 10,000 students with their academic and living needs in the four years since its inception. This may have an impact on the life on campus. To encourage more tertiary students to pursue their dreams and create their own youthful moments, uFinance launched a new student loan campaign, “This is Youth”, in September this year. “This is Youth” focuses on the self-definition of youth, hoping that tertiary students will live their own lives and write their own “definition” of youth.

uFinance student loan helps you to enjoy your campus life without financial constraints

Unlike traditional banks and lenders, uFinance does not use traditional income as a criterion for approval. Instead, it uses big data analysis and risk assessment to offer larger loans with lower interest rates to tertiary students.

Furthermore, there is no restriction on the use of the uFinance Student Loan Scheme, so students can apply for it to pay their hall fees, exchange fees, or even start their own business, allowing them to enjoy stress-free campus life. uFinance has found that more and more student loan applicants are choosing to apply for loans to start their own business, so it hopes to encourage more people to pursue their dreams through its promotional campaign “This is Youth”.

No age limit to your dreams – afterU‘s Workplace Finance Information Platform

Besides helping tertiary students, Stephen, the founder of uFinance, also hopes to provide financial support to more newcomers in the workplace through the platform, so that they can equip themselves to achieve their goals early on in their careers. Therefore, in September 2022, uFinance will be extending its lending services to include personal loans and will launch a new brand, afterU, to provide more suitable financial support to those with tertiary education or professional qualifications. People in the workplace can apply if they have a tertiary degree or professional qualification, and professional qualifications are not limited to traditional industries, but can also be applied for in emerging careers such as data analysts, digital marketing specialists, application developers, system security officers, blockchain developers, online education specialists, product managers, etc. Stephen believes that pursuing your dreams and equipping yourself should not be limited by age, even if you have already graduated from a tertiary institution. Following the vision of uFinance, afterU will not only provide financial support to the target audience, but also information that will help them in their career and future planning, such as workplace tips, life encyclopedia and financial management information.

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About uFinance

uFinance Hong Kong Limited (“uFinance”) was established in 2018 to provide the most suitable financial support for tertiary students in Hong Kong, enabling them to manage their finances and take advantage of every learning opportunity. Compared to traditional financial institutions, uFinance does not require income proof as an approval criterion, nor does it require students to provide proof of address. Students are required to upload 2 documents (ID card and student car) to apply for the offered by uFinance. Since its inception, uFinance has served more than 10,000 students and has worked with over 200 societies from tertiary institutions.

Beyond financial support, uFinance also provides a one-stop information platform for tertiary students, including information on job hunting, internships, sponsorship and further studies, so that they can have a solid foundation to face different challenges before starting their careers.

Moreover, uFinance understands that many tertiary graduates also have to face various financial needs after joining the society, such as further studies, house ownership or investment. To help newcomers to the workforce to enter society without the pressure, uFinance will be extending its lending services into the private lending sector in 2022, with the launch of a new brand, , to provide more suitable financial support for those with tertiary qualifications or professional qualifications. uFinance, Right After You!

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