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UOB, The EM District, and AEG Unveil “UOB LIVE,” Elevating ASEAN’s Entertainment Scene with a Cutting-Edge Indoor Event Hub

Top Organizers and Promoters Applaud ‘UOB LIVE’ as ASEAN’s Premier Comprehensive and Advanced Entertainment Venue

BANGKOK, THAILAND – Media OutReach – 28 August 2023 – United Overseas Bank (UOB), in collaboration with The EM District and AEG, has revealed an unprecedented alliance aimed at unveiling “UOB LIVE” – a cutting-edge and most comprehensive indoor event hub set to become the epitome of excellence within ASEAN. Boasting a remarkable capacity of up to 6,000 seats, this venue is designed to cater to a diverse array of event formats, marking a revolutionary step forward in redefining the landscape of entertainment experiences.

Mall Group, AEG and UOB Announce Historic Naming Rights Partnership.jpg
Mall Group, AEG and UOB Announce Historic Naming Rights Partnership

At the core of this partnership lies the fusion of innovation and excellence across multiple domains, merging the prowess of three distinct business sectors: AEG, a global frontrunner in entertainment and sports; The EM District, renowned for crafting Thailand’s foremost shopping and entertainment destinations; and UOB, a leading Bank in Asia. This convergence fortifies the strength of UOB LIVE, propelling it to ascend as the paramount entertainment venue within the ASEAN region.

Tan Choon Hin, President and CEO of UOB Thailand, said, “UOB LIVE marks a substantial advancement in the evolution and enhancement of entertainment offerings for all customers. Through a strategic alliance with AEG, a recognized expert in delivering premium global entertainment experiences, and The Mall Group, a prominent leader in Thailand’s retail sector, renowned for its expertise in the management and advancement of shopping centers and malls, this strategic partnership is dedicated to reshaping the entertainment landscape in Southeast Asia. UOB LIVE goes beyond being a conventional entertainment platform. It will serve as an exceptional conduit for fostering a collective effort to establish Thailand as a paramount hub for global entertainment activities.”

“UOB remains unwavering in its dedication to enhancing and providing unparalleled new customer experiences, tailored to cater to the varying lifestyles of all clients. UOB LIVE is destined to be a pivotal component, strengthening the bank’s position as a premier financial establishment built on a sturdy foundation. It will offer a unique and exceptional experience, not only for customers in Thailand but also across the region. This exclusive and unparalleled encounter will be enriched by an array of meticulously crafted benefits that we have meticulously curated for all our valued customers.”

“Apart from serving as a cutting-edge ASEAN entertainment destination, UOB LIVE also offers a world-class shopping experience. Furthermore, it operates as a central hub hosting a diverse range of restaurants, transforming UOB LIVE into an all-encompassing entertainment venue that caters to a wide array of preferences.”

Supaluck Umpujh, Chairwoman of The Mall Group and The EM District, said “In partnership with UOB and AEG, The EM District shares a unified vision to revolutionize and enhance Thailand’s business environment. By revitalizing retail and entertainment ventures, the goal is to position The EM District as an iconic landmark that attracts both local residents and international visitors. This objective can be realized through a diverse range of entertainment endeavors, including concerts featuring globally acclaimed artists, prestigious international events, expansive music festivals, prominent sporting spectacles, and cultural exhibitions. Live performances, seminars hosted by global leaders, and a myriad of exhibitions (Meetings, Incentives, Conferences, and Exhibitions – MICE) are also integral components. The aim is to position Bangkok as a nucleus for offering an innovative global lifestyle encounter accessible to all.”

UOB LIVE stands out as a prominent feature within THE EMSPHERE, an innovative shopping complex designed as a World-Class Mega Multi-Faced Development. Its purpose is to provide an unparalleled blend of shopping and dining experiences, establishing itself as the extraordinary entertainment hub of the region.

UOB LIVE represents a pivotal concept that contributes to the realization of ‘The EM District’ as a hub brimming with remarkable encounters, encompassing both entertainment and lifestyle within a single unified space. This partnership with AEG and UOB underscores their dedication to being a frontrunner in world-class entertainment by collaboratively fostering innovation, creativity, and excellence to deliver an exceptional customer experience.

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“We are confident that UOB LIVE will spark a noteworthy phenomenon, propelling the retail and entertainment sector into a fresh era. This will also contribute to the growth of the tourism industry and its interconnected sectors, generating substantial employment prospects and fortifying economic stimulation. This, in turn, will attract both local and international investors, fostering continuous investments,” Suphalak remarked.

Adam Wilkes, President and CEO of AEG Asia, echoed these sentiments, stating, “This collaboration signifies a momentous shift that ushers in a new entertainment era, where UOB LIVE stands as a beacon of the future. Through the synergy of AEG, UOB, and The Mall Group, we’re delivering an unparalleled entertainment experience. This milestone marks a significant step in orchestrating world-class events that craft indelible memories for both Thai and international visitors. Our gratitude extends to The Mall Group and the AEG Global Partnership team for this historic collaboration, which holds the potential to elevate the entertainment industry to new heights.”

“Additional information regarding UOB LIVE and the official launch schedule will be revealed in the near future,” Mr. Wilkes concluded.

The event to unveil this business collaboration took place at the Auditorium on the 5th floor of the UOB Plaza Bangkok building. Distinguished attendees included Tan Choon Hin, President and CEO of UOB Thailand; Supaluck Umpujh, Chairwoman of The Mall Group and The EM District; and Adam Wilkes, President and CEO of AEG Asia. They gathered to share insights into the distinctiveness of UOB LIVE, which is scheduled for an upcoming launch.

The occasion also welcomed representatives from various other entertainment industry partners, including Neil Thompson, CEO of Live Nation Tero Company and Deputy Managing Director of Tero Entertainment Public Company Limited, one of the foremost players in the entertainment industry who organizes a multitude of world-class entertainment events in Thailand; Vuthithorn Milintachinda, commonly known as Woody, the visionary behind the inception and development of the S2O Songkran Music Festival, which has evolved into a significant event attraction, captivating numerous international tourists and enticing their participation in the festivities; and Anuwat Wichiennarat, Executive Chairman and founder of 4NOLOGUE, a comprehensive entertainment company, who is recognized for playing a crucial role in establishing the reputation of the Thai artist community and has garnered fame throughout the Asian region.

Other prominent individuals include Coran Maloney, known for organizing premier outdoor music festivals such as Kolour; Duangrit Bunnag, a renowned Thai architect and designer, who is the founder and owner of the architectural firm DBALP (Duangrit Bunnag Architect Limited), and was involved in the interior design of UOB LIVE; and Pranitan Phornprapha, the founder of Wonderfruit, a festival celebrating contemporary art and music. These individuals will collaborate to share their expertise and preparedness, contributing to the realization of UOB LIVE as the foremost entertainment venue in the ASEAN region.

Prepare to experience UOB LIVE, the epitome of a comprehensive and cutting-edge indoor event hub in the ASEAN region, tailored to accommodate a diverse range of event formats. This exceptional venue will feature world-class entertainment offerings, including concerts and a plethora of shows, truly redefining the realm of entertainment at The EM District in the near future.

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