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Village House Opens Up More Jobs in Japan Amidst the COVID-19 Pandemic

To support its community through challenging times, Village House is working with a job matching service to offer local and foreign residents additional income.

TOKYO, JAPAN – Media OutReach – 25 October 2021 – Village House, a trusted rental housing service company in Japan, has recently leveraged Erikura to provide employment opportunities to its tenants and local residents. A job matching service owned by Recruit Co., Ltd, Erikura enables residents to apply for one-off cleaning work at any of the Village House properties.

On top of affordable homes and rooms for rent with no brokerage fees, Village House continues to support its community in the best ways possible. 

Supporting Livelihoods During Difficult Times

In the face of the global COVID-19 pandemic which has had a serious economic impact, Japan has experienced the largest decline in average job availability ratio in nearly half a century as of fiscal 2020, with the unemployment rate up for the first time in 11 years.

The sudden reduction in demand, especially in the services sector, during the pandemic meant that many firms had no choice but to lay off workers or stop renewing contractors who depended on part-time work.

For those who suddenly find themselves unemployed or have some time to spare, they can acquire income with the help of Village House. In addition to supplying safe and secure rental housing to everyone including low-income earners, the company now enables job seekers to tide over this period with jobs that they can apply for as and when they want. 

Through Erikura, Village House will post available job vacancies which mainly involve cleaning of common areas that can be completed within minutes.

Those interested can easily sign up for the job and proceed to complete the task. Once finished, they are required to report with photo proof to receive the matching fee.

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As of January 2021, this service has been introduced to 31 prefectures in Japan with over 9,000 successful trials. This job matching service is available in the following regions:

●       Aomori

●       Iwate

●       Akita

●       Miyagi

●       Kanagawa

●       Nagano

●       Niigata

●       Toyama

●       Gifu

●       Aichi

●       Mie

●       Shizuoka

●       Shiga

●       Kyoto

●       Nara

●       Osaka

●       Hyogo

●       Wakayama

●       Okayama

●       Hiroshima

●       Totori

●       Shimane

●       Yamaguchi

●       Kagawa

●       Kochi

●       Tokushima

●       Fukuoka

●       Nagasaki

●       Kumamoto

●       Kagoshima

●       Oita

This service will be phased in all prefectures sequentially to improve the quality of life for all Village House residents. This will include:

●       Hokkaido

●       Yamagata

●       Fukushima

●       Ibaraki

●       Tochigi

●       Gunma

●       Saitama

●       Chiba

●       Tokyo

●       Yamanashi

●       Ishikawa

●       Fukui

●       Ehime

●       Saga

●       Miyazaki

●       Okinawa

Increasing the Quality of Life in Japan

Village House Management is promoted by the Japan Organization for Employment of the Elderly, Persons with Disabilities and Job Seekers (JEED). With almost 1,100 properties operating in 47 prefectures in Japan, Village House caters to the needs of the people who live and thrive in its community.

About Village House

Village House provides high-quality rental properties with easy procedures at affordable prices in Japan. Starting from ¥20,000 per month, explore their promotions and discover a new life in one of their low-cost units today!


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