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Vingroup’s tech unit launches new smart mobility features

HANOI, VIETNAM – Media OutReach – 29 August 2022 – VinAI – a member company in Vingroup’s tech ecosystem and VinFast’s strategic partner – is one of the world’s top 20 Artificial Intelligence research-based companies whose mission is to bring state-of-the-art research into real-life impact.


1/ VinAI’s DMS uses an infrared camera to recognise the driver’s face and to detect dangerous driving behaviour such as drowsiness and yawning

2/ The automatic mirror adjustment feature helps the driver quickly get the most optimal mirror angle before starting the journey

3/ Traditional 360 View that has been applied on VinFast’s VF e34

4/ Jelly 360 View

On AI Day 2022 organized last week, VinAI announced two brand-new products that have been successfully developed in order to make driving safer and more convenient. These are pioneering in the market and will potentially be integrated into VinFast cars in the future.

Consistently on the cutting edge of technology, VinAI’s Smart Mobility team is proud of its in-house built driving technology. Let’s take a look at the new products.

Driver Monitoring System – DMS

According to a report of the United Nations in 2021, more than one million people die from car accidents every year. While approximately 60 per cent of accidents happen due to driver distractions (AAA Foundation, 2017), and another 20 per cent are caused by driver drowsiness (ROSPA, 2020).

To tackle these problems, VinAI’s specialised Driver and Occupants Monitoring System (DMS) ensures a safe driving experience with our in-cabin solutions by using high-performance cameras and AI to analyse driver behaviour patterns to prevent driving errors.

VinAI’s DMS was developed to enhance the safety of drivers. Based on face recognition technology, VinAI’s solution uses an infrared (IR) camera and vehicle sensors to detect the driver’s status, such as sleepiness, drowsiness, or risky behaviours such as distraction or using phones. By doing this, the system can alert the driver to pay attention to controlling the vehicle. VinAI’s DMS can also detect the driver’s eye movement when wearing sunglasses and a facemask.

The outstanding strength of VinAI’s product also lies in its flexibility. In other words, VinAI’s DMS product is compatible with a wide range of platforms, allowing car makers to integrate it into their existing hardware without having to spend huge effort on conversion. VinAI’s DMS product also runs on multiple SoCs, such as Nvidia, Qualcomm, Renesas, and Ambarella, among the giant global semiconductors.

Auto Mirror Adjustment

To make the driving experience easier and more convenient, VinAI also developed an automatic mirror adjustment (AMA) feature in their DMS product. With classic cars, the driver must adjust the mirror “manually,” using controlling buttons and regularly adjusting it many times to get the correct viewing angle.

VinAI solves this problem by providing a new feature, which automatically adjusts the side mirrors to the optimal position based on the driver’s head position information.

The system automatically calculates the optimal rotation angle of the mirrors based on the relative position of the head and sends the signal to rotate the side and rearview mirrors to their correct positions. All the driver needs to do is sit in position, press the auto mirror adjustment button and the mirror will automatically be adjusted.

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Check out the DMS demo video (this is foundational version, AMA is not included)

Advanced Surround View Monitoring – ASVM

Each year, in the US alone, there are 840,000 accidents caused by drivers’ incapability to monitor all blind spots. VinAI has developed a solution to popularize a feature only available for luxury cars to more middle-end car segments.

ASVM is a system that provides 360-degree surround views, including top view, rear view, tire view, and 3D view, to assist the driver when moving through busy streets, on narrow roads, or in the parking lot.

VinAI’s ASVM product has reinvented the driver’s experience by offering complete awareness of the situation around the car and identifying obstacles in “blind” areas with its 360-perimeter surround view monitoring system.

One of the advantages of VinAI’s ASVM is the smooth and high-quality 360/3D view reconstructed by combining the images from four fisheye cameras with the best-in-class algorithm made by VinAI. The driver can interact with the view by swiping in any direction to see all around the car.

In addition, this system also makes parking simpler, especially for new drivers. ASVM detects vacancies in the parking lot, directs parking in real-time, or even automatically parks the car for the driver. In addition, ASVM can estimate the width of the space on narrow roads to determine whether the vehicle can be driven through and provide the necessary support to the driver if needed.

Jelly View

Jelly View is a transparent 360-degree view that can see through the entire vehicle. Using the Jelly View system, the driver can see the whole scene outside the car and even underneath the vehicle and can switch between different views using the on-screen control panel.

With this Jelly View mode, the driver can observe blind spots, especially underneath the vehicle, that cannot be seen through the mirror, thereby avoiding unexpected accidents on narrow roads, bad roads or in parking lots. ASVM supports the driver with a full view of the front, rear, left, right and below the vehicle to align and park in the parking lot.

For example, the ASVM system is optimised to deliver best-in-class image stitching quality with high performance and low computation cost. The system is also flexible and can run on different hardware platforms so that it can be integrated into various car ranges from other segments.

Check out the ASVM demo video (this is the foundational version deployed on VFe34, Jelly View is not included):
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