Tired of the Google ecosystem and want a change? Vivaldi 4.0, the cross-platform browser by Opera co-founder Jon Stephenson von Tetzchner, is bringing a bunch of new tools including translation services with its new browser update.

Vivaldi 4.0, is the company’s attempt to lure you away from Google’s services which have been under heavy scrutiny in the near past due to third-party cookie replacement tool FLoC.

Vivaldi says the translation is powered by LingvaNex and all the core data is hosted in Iceland. The company’s tool offers almost all languages supported by Google translate and works across the desktop and Android app to automatically translate web pages with just a click.

The browser is also getting three new browser interface layouts: Essential, Classic, and Fully Loaded.

In fully loaded, the app will give you access to the company’s new tools which include a native email client, a calendar, and an RSS feed reader.

The email client supports IMAP and POP3 which means you can sync your existing email accounts from services like Gmail and Outlook to it.

Google recently announced that they were turning off support for third-party cookies on the Chrome browser and instead replace third-party cookies with its own Federated Learning of Cohorts (FLoC)

Many browsers have already raised concerns over the technology and even vowed to block FLoC on their platforms.

The Chromium-based Vivaldi shunned FLoC calling it a “dangerous step that harms user privacy”.

At Vivaldi, we stand up for the privacy rights of our users. We do not approve tracking and profiling, in any disguise. We certainly would not allow our products to build up local tracking profiles.

It presents FLoC as part of a set of so-called ‘privacy’ technologies, but let’s remove the pretence here; FLoC is a privacy-invasive tracking technology.

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