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Wake The Crew Adds Oolong Tea Concentrate To Its Cold Brew Lineup

SINGAPORE – Media OutReach – 15 April 2021 – Local microbrewery Wake The Crew has announced the launch of Singapore’s first Oolong Tea Concentrate, which is also the first tea in their range of cold brew concentrates. The all-new Oolong Tea Concentrate is designed to be made into bubble tea or other milk teas without the hassle of brewing fresh tea from scratch.

Made purely from premium oolong tea leaves and filtered water, the concentrate is the result of 16 hours of slow steeping and cold brewing. The high concentration that comes out of the brewing process means that only 1 part of oolong tea concentrate to 1.5 parts milk is necessary to make a high-quality, café-standard creamy milk tea beverage. By itself, the Oolong Tea Concentrate is flavourful with sweet and toasty notes that make for a refreshing iced tea on a hot day. Wake The Crew started with oolong as its first cold brew tea project because of its popularity amongst bubble tea lovers and how well it blends in milky drinks. By removing the step of brewing fresh tea from scratch, Wake The Crew provides a hassle-free method for homemade bubble teas and milk teas.

As a company born in the middle of a lockdown due to the COVID-19 pandemic, Wake The Crew has encountered challenges with product awareness and access to physical events that could help it expand its reach to more customers. It first started with cold brew coffee concentrates and has since added five different flavours to its regular menu. Besides that, Wake The Crew offers bottled, ready-to-drink cold brew beverages with different flavours such as Cold Brew Mocha and Cold Brew Oat Latte, and mobile coffee carts for events in Singapore. However, while cold brew concentrates are a common product in the United States and other Western countries, they are relatively new in Singapore. With its first cold brew tea concentrate, Wake The Crew hopes to penetrate a different market, sharing the love of cold brew with tea connoisseurs and bubble tea lovers.

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Following the success of its Oolong Tea Concentrate, Wake The Crew will be looking to develop more variations of tea concentrates. Fans of cold brew beverages can expect more Asian-themed flavours to come.

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