WhatsApp recently introduced a feature that allows users to react to messages with emojis, now the popular messaging app has added a bunch of new reactions as it tries to draw in more users to WhatsApp and away from Telegram.

WhatsApp was initially testing six emojis: thumbs up, love, thank you, a laughing face, a crying face, and a surprised face.

Beyond the six initial emojis, WhatsApp is now letting users choose any emoji they would like to react to a message in a single or group chat. “We’re rolling out the ability to use any emoji as a reaction on WhatsApp. Some of my favorites: 🤖🍟🏄‍♂️😎💯👊,” says CEO Mark Zuckerberg in a Facebook post.

It’s important to note that Reactions 2.0 started to roll out to iOS devices for now, which means it can take several days and even weeks for the feature to start working for all WhatsApp users.

After the update, WhatsApp will show a ‘Plus symbol’ next to the list of six pre-chosen emoji reactions. Users can press on the plus symbol and pick the emoji they prefer. You can react to any message with an Emoji by long-pressing on it, which should open up a small menu on the side.

If perhaps you find out you are a part of the new update kindly take note of the following,

  • You can only add one reaction per message.
  • Reactions to disappearing messages will disappear when the message disappears.
  • It’s not possible to hide reactions or reaction counts.
  • Recipients might see your reaction before you remove it or if removing it wasn’t successful. You won’t be notified if removing a reaction wasn’t successful.
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The announcement comes ahead of World Emoji Day, which takes place this coming Sunday (July 17).

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