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Facebook, (now Meta) has introduced a Cloud API to its WhatsApp Business platform, this will allow businesses and developers to build on top of WhatsApp to customise their experiences and respond to customers quickly and easily.

Whatsapp Cloud API has been in beta testing since November 2021. It is a cloud-based version of the WhatsApp Business API, which is WhatsApp’s first revenue-generating enterprise product. It will allow you to implement WhatsApp Business APIs without the cost of hosting your own servers and also allows you to scale your business messaging. The Cloud API supports up to 80 messages per second of combined sending and receiving (including text and media messages).

Meta has been developing its Business API platform as one of the main ways the free messaging app can make money. The cost of using WhatsApp for business is determined on a per-message basis, with charges varying according to geographic location and the volume of messages delivered. Tens of thousands of businesses and brands like Vodafone and Coppel and companies such as Sears Mexico and BMW as well as KLM and Iberia Airlines already use the non-cloud-based version of the Business API.

Meta claims the new cloud-based version is designed for smaller businesses and cuts integration time from weeks to minutes. The API is integrated with the back-end systems of companies, where WhatsApp communication is typically one component of their messaging and communication strategy. They may also like to direct their communications via SMS, other messaging applications, emails, and more.

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The Cloud API will help you get rid of expensive server costs and give customers quick access to new features as they come out while also helping businesses and developers get set up faster than with the on-premise version.

Meta is also introducing new, fee-based power features for its WhatsApp Business app, such as the ability to control chats across up to 10 devices. In addition, the company will offer new customizable WhatsApp click-to-chat links that will assist businesses in attracting clients across their online presence, including Facebook and Instagram.

These features will be included in an upcoming Premium service for WhatsApp Business app customers. Additional information, including cost, will be provided at a later date.

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