Meta Platforms Inc., the parent company of WhatsApp, announced significant upgrades to its video calling features, making them more inclusive and feature-rich.

The biggest change is the increased participant limit. Previously, WhatsApp allowed for a maximum of 32 participants on mobile devices, but users on desktops (Windows and macOS) were capped at lower numbers. This update unifies the experience, allowing up to 32 participants on all devices to join a single video call.

Another exciting addition is screen sharing with audio. This allows users to not only share their phone or computer screen during a call but also share the accompanying audio, perfect for watching videos or listening to music together virtually. This builds upon the screen-sharing functionality introduced by WhatsApp in August 2023.

To further improve clarity and engagement, WhatsApp is implementing a speaker spotlight feature. The person speaking will be automatically highlighted and appear front and center on everyone’s screen, eliminating confusion about who’s talking at any given moment.

Beyond these headline features, Meta emphasizes its ongoing efforts to enhance overall call quality. This includes the recent launch of the MLow codec, which improves call reliability. Mobile users will benefit from better noise and echo cancellation, making calls in noisy environments more manageable. Additionally, video calls will boast higher resolution for users with faster internet connections, and overall audio quality is set to improve even on poor connections or older devices.

The new features are expected to roll out to all WhatsApp users globally over the next few weeks. This update signifies WhatsApp’s commitment to continuously improve its video calling experience, potentially making it a more competitive option against established video conferencing platforms like Google Meet and Zoom, which offer higher participant limits (up to 100 users) on their basic tiers.

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