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WhatsApp, the widely popular messaging app owned by Meta, is continually evolving to cater to users’ needs and preferences. Exciting news has emerged, suggesting that WhatsApp is currently working on a new feature that could revolutionize how users connect on the platform. This feature would allow users to identify contacts using usernames instead of solely relying on phone numbers.

WABetaInfo, a reliable source for WhatsApp updates, recently disclosed that the company is developing a feature enabling users to connect with each other using usernames. Although this feature is still in the development phase and not yet ready for beta testers, its potential impact on WhatsApp’s user experience and privacy is noteworthy.

The introduction of usernames on WhatsApp aims to enhance privacy and provide users with more control over their personal information. Instead of sharing their phone numbers or QR codes to initiate conversations, users can simply provide their chosen usernames. This alternative method of connection ensures that personal contact details remain private, reducing the risk of unauthorized access or spam messages.

While the details of how usernames will function on WhatsApp are not fully available, there are several potential use cases. Firstly, usernames could enable private communication with businesses, safeguarding users’ phone numbers and preventing unwanted contacts. Additionally, they might have broader usage, allowing users to engage in private conversations with any other WhatsApp user, regardless of their personal phone number.

As of now, the usernames feature is still in development, and its specific release date has not been announced. WhatsApp plans to make the feature available to beta testers in a future update of the app, allowing them to experience and provide feedback on its functionality. This approach ensures that any necessary refinements are made before the feature is released to the general public.

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WhatsApp has been actively introducing highly anticipated features to improve its messaging platform. One such feature is message editing, which enables users to modify a sent message within 15 minutes. An “edited” label appears next to the timestamp, ensuring transparency in conversations. Additionally, WhatsApp introduced “Chat Lock” recently, allowing users to secure specific one-on-one or group chats with a password or biometric authentication, preventing message notifications from appearing.


1. Will usernames replace phone numbers on WhatsApp?

No, usernames on WhatsApp will provide an alternative method of connection but will not replace phone numbers. Users will have the option to use either usernames or phone numbers to initiate conversations.

2. Can I choose any username for my WhatsApp account?

The specific details of username selection on WhatsApp are yet to be announced. However, it is likely that there will be certain guidelines or restrictions in place to ensure unique and appropriate usernames.

3. Will end-to-end encryption still apply to conversations initiated through usernames?

Yes, it has been reported that end-to-end encryption will remain intact for conversations initiated through usernames on WhatsApp. This ensures the privacy and security of user communication.

4. When will the usernames feature be available to the general public?

The exact release date for the usernames feature on WhatsApp has not been announced yet. It will first be released to beta testers in an upcoming update before being made available to all users.

5. What other privacy-focused features has WhatsApp introduced recently?

WhatsApp has introduced various privacy-focused features, including message editing and chat lock. Message editing allows users to modify sent messages within 15 minutes, and chat lock enables users to secure specific chats with a password or biometric authentication.

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