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WhatsApp is currently working on an improved last seen feature for privacy improvement. According to sources, WhatsApp will add a fourth option to the current three (Everyone, My Contacts, and Nobody) visibility options

Users will now be able to set it to ‘My Contacts Except…’ to limit specific people from seeing the exact time when a person was last active on WhatsApp.


While WhatsApp hasn’t revealed or confirmed the upcoming changes so far, the leaked screenshot shows the new option, which looks similar to the setting to hide one’s WhatsApp Status (temporary 24-hour story) from specific users. While many users disable the Last Seen feature completely to maintain WhatsApp privacy for themselves, the new setting might come in handy for those who only want to hide it from a specific person.

According to the leak, when a WhatsApp user excludes a contact using this setting (effectively hiding their last seen from them) they will not be able to see that contact’s last seen as well.

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