ps5 models

The PlayStation 5 is one of the most popular gaming consoles on the market, as of today, the PS5 has sold over 39 million units worldwide. This makes it the fastest-selling PlayStation console of all time and for good reason. It offers stunning visuals, immersive gameplay, and a wide range of exclusive games. But with a bunch of different models available, it can be tough to decide which one is right for you.

Digital vs Disk:

This one is easy, The PS5 Disk model has an optical disk drive that allows you to buy physical copies of games and insert them into the console. The Digital version does not have an optical disk drive. Thats it.

ps5 models

The Digital and Disk models can also be differentiated by their model numbers. If the model number ends with an A that means it’s a Disk version, if it ends with B, then you’ve got a Digital edition! That goes for any revision.

In this article, we’ll look at the three major models of the PlayStation 5 (PS5): the launch model (CFI-1000), the CFI-1100, and the CFI-1200. A fourth model, the CFI-1300, is not yet released.

PlayStation 5 CFI-1000

This is the launch model version and is the original PS5. While it is highly unlikely you will find this in the marketplace and is also the is worth noting that it is the worst of the bunch. It has the biggest heatsink and a different fan than the other models. It is also the heaviest and most expensive to produce.

PlayStation 5 CFI-1100

The CFI-1100 is a revision of the launch model. It features a smaller heatsink and a better fan which means it is also lighter. Sony says it pushes more air over the heatsink fins and provides better results. There are also changes on the chassis plate itself with the memory modules having better contact with the chassis in this version. However, according to testing from Gamers Nexus, there is virtually no difference in heat/performance. It was also cheaper to produce.

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PlayStation 5 CFI-1200

The CFI-1200 is the latest model of the PS5. It has a totally new motherboard, a smaller heatsink, and a heat pipe that runs through to the other side of the system. Sony switched from the custom 7nm AMD Zen 2 CPU to a 6nm equivalent codenamed Oberon Plus produced by TSMC.

The 6nm chip means that the PS5s logic transistor density increased by 18.8% and the die size shrunk from 300 to 270 square millimeters (roughly 15% smaller). Combined, this means the CPU now requires less power (almost 30w less than the CFI-1000 model) and produces less heat, which led to Sony introducing a smaller, cheaper cooling solution. It is also lighter than the CFI-1100 model.

How to Check Which Model Your PS5 is

The model number of a PS5 can be used to identify the console’s revision, region, and version. The model number is a 10-digit code that starts with “CFI-“. The first three digits of the model number (CFI-1000, CFI-1100, or CFI-1200) indicate the revision of the console. The next two digits (00 or 10) indicate the region of the console. The last two digits (A or B) indicate the version of the console.

Symbol Meaning
CFI PlayStation 5 codename
1xxx (The first number) Also currently unchanged on all models
x2xx(the second number) Revision number. 0 is the launch model then 1 and 2
xx34 The region the PS5 is intended for. (EU, Asia, US, etc)
Letters A and B A is the Disk version B is the Digital version

Which PS5 model should you buy?

The latest one, basically check for the model CFI-12xxa or 12xxb.

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