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Over the last few months, Windows users have been going out to buy new Laptops and PCs that will be able to run Windows 11, this is after Microsoft, in a well-orchestrated plan introduced the new Operating System (OS) with a confusing upgrade policy.

Windows 11 would be a free upgrade from Windows 10, but not every PC would be able to run it. Infact, even some newer PCs such as Microsoft’s own Surface Studio 2 would not be able to run the OS according to the system requirements.

How do I know this was the plan? A quick visit on the Windows 11 download page and there it is, ads! Microsoft linking their partners urging users to buy new machines that would run Windows 11. See screenshot below;

windows 11

In short, it was a mess. Now, Microsoft has provided opened up (unofficial) compatibility to many more PCs. Yes, you don’t need a $1000 Laptop to run Windows 11 anymore.

It actually seems like pretty much any PC that can run Windows 10 will, in fact, be able to install Windows 11.

The catch is small, while everyone else will get an update from settings, those who wish to update their PC on unsupported hardware will have to do so via Windows 11 ISO file.

Microsoft is still threatening to withhold updates from devices on older hardware –including for new drivers but I doubt that will be implemented.

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