The World Bank is injecting a substantial $250 million boost into Kenya’s e-service journey through the Second Program for Strengthening Governance for Enabling Service Delivery and Public Investment in Kenya (GESDeK II). This ambitious initiative aims to revolutionize public finance management at the national level, propelling Kenya towards a more efficient, transparent, and greener future.

Key Objectives

  • Enhanced Revenue Mobilization: The program tackles Kenya’s revenue generation challenges by streamlining processes and improving collection efficiency. This will provide the government with a stronger financial foundation to address critical development needs.
  • Deeper Accountability and Transparency: GESDeK II focuses on strengthening public finance management through digital solutions. This fosters greater accountability and transparency in government spending, ensuring resources are used effectively and responsibly.
  • Improved Service Delivery: By streamlining processes and digitizing services, GESDeK II empowers 485 government agencies and 18 million citizens with seamless access to essential services. This includes 240,000 registered firms, facilitating a more efficient business environment.
  • Green Growth Leadership: The program aligns with Kenya’s ambitious green growth goals by leveraging public investment and procurement to promote climate-friendly practices. This paves the way for a more sustainable future for the nation.

GESDeK II builds upon the achievements of the first program, which established key e-service pillars like an electronic procurement system, automated cash management, and a revamped eCitizen portal. This new phase expands on these successes, further strengthening Kenya’s digital governance infrastructure.

“This new program will incentivize the last mile of a decade of public financial management reforms in Kenya,” said Keith Hansen, World Bank Country Director for Kenya. He emphasized the program’s potential to improve revenue collection, enhance transparency, and promote efficient resource allocation, ultimately leading to better service delivery for all Kenyans.

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GESDeK II signifies a significant commitment from the World Bank to Kenya’s digital transformation journey. By promoting good governance, efficient resource management, and green growth initiatives, this program lays the foundation for a more prosperous and sustainable future for the nation.

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