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Workbean seeks to build the largest company culture directory in Asia

MANILA, PHILIPPINES – Media OutReach – 8 July 2022 – Millions of people are struggling to find jobs while it is challenging for companies to spot a recipe to attract the right people. Since the pandemic, many job seekers started to ask deeper questions about the company that includes work setup, long-term strategies and corporate culture.

Workbean is on a mission to build the largest company culture directory in Asia aimed at helping companies amplify their culture stories while helping professionals find work where they belong. Workbean is providing supports for leading companies like Lalamove, Kumu, and Atlassian in their employer branding journey to bridge the gap between the expectations of candidates and companies starting from the recruitment phase.

In a recent community event held by Workbean for Talent Acquisition leaders in the Philippines, the company representatives shares that an increasing number of candidates are now starting to ask more intelligent questions that forces the companies to rethink their employer branding strategies to be more candidate-centric.

“Think of us like Airbnb, but instead of looking for the next place to stay, we’ll give you the same experience in looking for the next company to work for. We’re doing this to give companies a platform to showcase their culture while helping job seekers in their research prior to application or interviews.”, said Kass Monzon, co-founder of Workbean.

Adapting to employment trends in the digital age

In the face of an impending recession, Workbean is constantly developing and perfecting all its supporting features to contribute to reducing unemployment. The Workbean platform is free to join and uses a simple and unique job search process through intelligent algorithms to help employers and job seekers find each other faster. Recognising the mobility of the labour market, Workbean posts information related to job opportunities to meet the needs of employers and job seekers globally, particularly in the Philippines. Before 2022 ends, Workbean will be able to compile 5,000 company cultures on their platform, a feat that no other job search platforms have ever accomplished.

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About Workbean

Workbean is a leading company culture platform headquartered in the Philippines.

Employers can promote their company culture on Workbean to attract suitable potential candidates, as Workbean has the highest number of company cultures compiled in one platform.

If you want to know more information about the top companies in the Philippines on Workbean, visit .

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