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World War Children Care Foundation (WCCF) Launched International Humanitarian Mission to Aid Children Affected by Conflict

KUALA LUMPUR, MALAYSIA – Media OutReach Newswire – 15 December 2023 – The World War Children Care Foundation (WCCF) officially commenced its international humanitarian mission aimed at assisting children affected by war with a swearing-in ceremony of the foundation’s committee today at Shang Ri La Hotel, Kuala Lumpur.

WCCF chapter representative from each countries
WCCF chapter representative from each countries

The foundation, which was a registered non-profit organization in Malaysia, stated that its primary objective is to rescue and rehabilitate children residing in modern conflict zones while offering the said children educational opportunities that can nurture their physical and mental well-being.

Madam Linda Wong handling certificate of appointment to Dato Dr. Clement Tan
Madam Linda Wong handling certificate of appointment to Dato Dr. Clement Tan

In the near future, the foundation is currently planning to lead the “Dove Aid Operation” (DAO) program in 2004 with close collaboration with several international organizations. The program will adopt a secure and holistic approach to safely extract children from war zones and provide them refuge in secure shelters.

“Together, we will identify the most urgently required rescue areas, assemble teams comprising medical personnel, social workers, and dedicated volunteers, and distribute essential supplies such as food, medicine, and bedding,” Linda Wong, WCCF President, emphasized during the launch of WCCF.

The foundation plans to establish International Humanitarian War Children Schools in Malaysia and China, welcoming children from diverse backgrounds, races, religions, and cultures. These schools will implement the Caring Education curriculum, guided by the Yi Hai Education Group, with the goal of helping children gradually overcome the psychological trauma they have experienced, fostering confidence, and reigniting optimism.

“We aim to showcase the incredible strength and courage of war children as they reintegrate into society, becoming compassionate individuals who contribute to rebuilding their homes and caring for others in need,” Wong noted.

Currently, tens of thousands of children worldwide endure the hardships of war. These children require not only care, support, and love but also urgent action. Therefore, WCCF passionately appeals to compassionate business organizations and individuals to join hands in this noble cause.

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In addition to its mission, the foundation unveiled a business charity campaign called “Healing the World Thru Business,” with the first corporate donation initiated through Green Smart Planet Platform’s continual business revenue, presented with a mock cheque for RM1,217,000.

During the event, the foundation further introduced “Saving War Children with Your Cup of Coffee,” where attendees voluntarily participated by adopting cups of premium coffee from Clemént Coffee Boutique, with all business profits donated to the foundation.

Realizing the need of global support, during the launching ceremony, the foundation has also appointed representatives for various WCCF chapters in Malaysia, China, Serbia, Thailand, Singapore, Indonesia, the Philippines, Vietnam, Cambodia, Brunei, Laos, Myanmar, Hong Kong, and Taipei.

The launch was attended by Deputy Director-General of the Children’s Division, Wan Noraidah Wan Mohd Zain, on behalf of Women, Family, and Community Development Minister Datuk Seri Nancy Shukri. WCCF can be reach at

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World War Children Care Foundation

World War Children Care Foundation (WCCF) is a non profit organisation registered in Malaysia. (Reg no PPM-013-10-14112017). Purpose of establishment is to rescue innocent children who are helplessly living in the dark fear of war, assist them in escaping conflict zones, help them to overcome the traumas cased by war, reintegrate into peaceful societal life, provide education opportunities, and ensure their physical, mental and spiritual well being and growth.

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