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World’s First-ever Digital Art Competition LIMITS Asian Championship is Coming Soon!

The Winner will receive US$50,000 of Prize Money! All Submissions will be Made NFTs and be Sold on UCOLLEX!

HONG KONG SAR – Media OutReach – 1 November 2021 – “Arousing the public’s interest in digital art, and enabling more people to enjoy art through its production, appreciation and transaction.” This is the aspiration of Terukazu Ikeda, company representative of P.A.I.N.T. Inc, who has just announced “Limits Battle”, a brand-new digital art competition in the Asia region. Competitors will learn the competition theme on the spot and complete their creations within a time limit. They will be judged on the competition process and their final work.



LIMITS helps you enjoy creative arts, elevating your perception of arts from “slightly  interested” to “bringing happiness”, and helps sustain this happiness.

LIMITS provides creators with “time”, “theme”, “production format” and other criteria.

Creators might have different styles – some boast amazing speed in gaining inspiration  and in executing, others excel in meticulous production and creating dainty final products -each creator has their own charm. LIMITS hopes to uncover each creator’s unique charm through different proposals, and to elevate the public’s interest in arts from a level of  “slightly interested” to “bringing happiness” through showcasing the creation process, the  creators’ different styles and their final creations.


■About LIMITS Asian Championship 2022

The first LIMITS competition was held in Osaka in 2015. With a time limit of 20 minutes,  competitors created their work on a theme selected randomly on the spot, and were  judged on the competition process and their final work. This innovative “Limits Battle”  concept astonished the creative industry.

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The Asian Championship this year will be under the same 20-minute elimination  tournament format. Elite artists from Hong Kong, Taiwan, Singapore and Japan will go  head to head in this exciting format, don’t miss out!


All creations from this competition will be made NFTs and be sold on UCOLLEX (, a contemporary creators’ platform utilising blockchain NFT technology in selling NFT collectibles. Relive the touching moments of the competition whenever you want. Feel free to collect artwork as your heart desires!


Tournament Competition Calendar

  • Hong Kong January, 2022
  • Taiwan January, 2022
  • Singapore January, 2022
  • Japan February – March, 2022

Competition Finale (Tentative)

Japan Spring, 2022 

Details including the full competition calendar and participation method will be updated on the official website.


For LIMITS’ latest official information: (Japanese only)

Official website of LIMITS Asian Championship 2022: (English only)

*Japanese and Chinese versions will be added


Supported by Animoca Brands, a leading digital entertainment company specialising in blockchain and AI technology, UCOLLEX is a contemporary creators’ platform making NFTs accessible. The platform provides technical and network support to help creators establish a followers base, and also provides a space to immerse followers in the artists’ world.

UCOLLEX offers exclusive content, interviews with artists and high-quality 3D art. Through the novel VR experience, users can also experience the joys of collecting art and create a world surrounded by their much-loved collectibles.

Official website:


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